Valentine's Day Fruit Sticker Motivation!

Even after living in Park Slope for 9 years, I did not feel like a true Sloper until I became a member of the Park Slope Food Coop recently.  Living on the other side of 9th Ave & cooking for one, it never seemed worth the effort.  But, now as the proud member of a superpower couple who enjoys cooking for each other on a regular basis, we decided that we can afford the luxury of the best local and organic produce around!  Ronnie has obtained a remarkable feat over the last 12 months, by losing an incredible 145lbs...(and counting)!  If my good habits had inadvertently influenced him in the past I'm happy to have helped, but now living together, I can't help putting my health-nut habits into him a bit!  And, I was shocked at how open he was; it was actually Ronnie's idea to join to the Coop!  And side note: couple's weekly beginner yoga class is the most romantic things ever.  2010 was a year of remarkable changes for both of us and we are thriving as we move into 2011 together!

So, of course this great Valentine's Day Project that I found on Twig & Thistle was a no-brainer.  I am happy to be motivation to live a healthy lifestyle, so incorporating healthy snack choices into a Valentine Surprise in the refrigerator was up my alley and a good reminder for myself as well.  I printed the pdf from above onto label sticker sheets and cut them out.  It would have been helpful to have a 1' hole punch, but a good pair of scissors worked in a pinch.  

I worked my monthly shift at the Coop, Saturday afternoon.  So, after being taught a hard lesson on the differences between composting and soup kitchen piles in the basement - I bought a pair each of Ronnie's favorite fruits to snack on at night.  The only thing missing are bananas - I just didn't like the looks of what I saw on Saturday.  But believe me, I'm crazy bananas for my Valentine!

So as expected, my darling was searching for a snack late night and was so excited to see his hidden Valentine message!  He thought it was the Coop that had thought of the genius idea before I needed to explain - adorable. 

Valentine's Day morning, he even stuck the pear sticker to his lapel for the train ride into the office,  "We make the perfect PEAR"...  I love you for supporting my silliness Ronnie!

2012 UPDATE:

This Valentine's Day, Twig & Thistle are selling the stickers for real!  Purchase them here on their Etsy shop, and check them out in Mollie Makes and InStyle this month!

Both images from Twig&Thistle

La vita è bella,

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