Jonathan Adler Good Karma Day

After my 5th annual trip to Seattle, I arrive at JFK Sunday morning from a red-eye. I said "yes" to a Birthday Brunch for a friend of Ronnie's at Downtown Atlantic, 2 doors down from the new BK Jonathan Adler Store. Brunch was just what the doctor ordered, and I was glad I pushed through my exhaustion. Huevos Rancheros (scrambled always) a few mimosas, and great company always warms the heart! I'm jet-lagged and maybe delirious, so I drag Ronnie into my favorite store by promising that its "just to look". We walk into a sales transaction that must have been months in the works - this customer had from what we understood finally received the correct lamp shade that she special ordered to go with custom JA lamps. When she left, we were the only other customers - and the two women seemed relieved.

She starts chattin it up with Ronnie & my man seized the opportunity! He says, "So, I heard you talking about lampshades, and my girlfriend purchased that lamp right there this summer at the sample sale - it didn't come with a lampshade & we have had a hard time finding one that works".

Let's just say after some sweet talkin & our positive energy - the sales woman decided that it was our lucky day! After explaining her problems of the day, and commiserating on the snow, she told us what a lovely couple we were and that we absolutely had great timing and taste! She hands us the extra lamp shade that the previous woman didn't want - NO CHARGE!!! This was the exact shade that is sold in store with my favorite summer deal, but Jonathan Adler doesn't sell them separately (believe me) we have tried! The Website and two locations, they don't sell them separately because JA doesn't design them.

So now my beautiful lamp base is dressed properly & looks great in the room!

La vita è bella,

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