President's Weekend & Frameless Mirror Project

As the 1st long weekend approaches and another round of Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellows have been announced, I find myself itching for Spring much too soon.  I know New York has more cold weather ahead, but I've decided to spend time this holiday weekend getting a start on my Spring cleaning.  There is so much to get rid of before you even start to pack, and tough decisions are ahead!

I look around my apartment and notice great little nooks and crannies that I will miss and of course, the broken items I will not (door knobs, plumbing and the fuse box most recently - Geez).  The painting tricks to mask the abundance of holes, the chalkboard cabinets, contact paper cover-ups, and handmade scrap fabric valences are all things I look forward to leaving behind.  The wrought iron fireplaces - well I wish I could take them both with me, but I won't miss the mighty draft that comes out of them in the dead of winter.  All of these things gave my home character while at the same time, me a headache.  But it has been 7 years, and it means enough for me to reflect before starting anew - Oh the memories!

Frameless Mirror Project
So...what DO you do with mirrors that don't have a frame or border?  Well, you can paint one directly onto the wall!  The "prep area" of my bedroom has my favorite border detail, that actually worked out better than expected. I painted  my bedroom snow white, with light gray accents, and of course - there is always left over.  I added black paint to darken the gray for a better contrast.  Once I had the space painted within the pencil outline, I took thin black electrical tape and ran it along the edges of the painted space.  The long edges were the hardest!

Yes, the cut-out bird is pooping.  It was a must have when I saw this mirror at the once Brooklyn, but now Manhattan design showroom: Matter in '04. There were a few different designs (one, a skull) and came with only 4 tacks to mount.  I loved the understated vulgarity of it - you don't notice it right away.  But of course, I painted a black patch in the area behind the mirror - for emphasis!  In between the 2 hooks and underneath my collection of costume jewelry is an Anthropologie knob (screwed into the wall with an anchor).  These are a good alternative for hooks, especially since they come in such interesting designs.  I also used a matching knob to hang a frame in the room (pictured at the bottom).

The infamous KRABB wavy mirror from IKEA is what I use for a full length mirror, on the other side of the closet with matching detail. To this mirrors credit, despite how cheap and tacky it may be, it has seen more apartment moves than I ever thought possible!

La vita è bella,

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