Valentine's Day Project Revisit

As I am becoming more and more entangled in this social network and finding my "analog girl" way around, I have found a better place for my design ideas and projects! In the past, I posted pictures for everyone to see on Facebook, tagging my design-geek friends or to show how I positioned a gift someone had given me in a room. Figuring that all friends/family wouldn't be interested, I thought a separate space of just ideas in a concentrated time line would be more appropriate. I might end up inspiring myself or sparking a fire - there is only one way to find out!

There is a plethora of blogs and websites dedicated to capturing all ideas/DIY projects out there on the web, and every day there seems to be a new one. I'm not attempting to keep up with them or mimic the trends of the internet. This is just about me and where I'm at in life right now - looking for additional inspiration amidst my 9-5. My wonderful boyfriend, Ronnie and I will be looking for our own apartment this year, it will be a fun and exciting experience that will symbolize a big change for me! We will take all of our gems and memories into a new space, and acquire new ones along the way! I plan to share this exciting year from a creative eye & see what comes out of it.

This week I want to revisit a Valentine's Day project that I actually followed through with from in '09 -  Here is the link.  I was miserably single at the time, and with no Valentine to call my own -I made a key to my heart!

The frame was an extra from work, the glass had broke and it was about to be filed G for garbage. I salvaged it and took it home to re-arrange some random items on the back of the matte. I traced "key" pieces with a pencil when I was happy with the layout.  I took all the pieces to the front stoop & spray painted them with high gloss black on a piece of newspaper.  There were different types of material, mostly plastic and metal so I used spray adhesive to mount them.  I learned from this project that a box filled with nick-knacks can be uniformly spray painted the same color and arranged for a great piece of artwork - at no cost!

I used:
  • old keys
  • broken pieces of jewelry
  • puzzle pieces
  • random beads
  • extra buttons
  • safety pins
I loved the idea of using potential dust collectors and inevitable trash and making a fun piece!

The above was my end result 2 years ago. Today, it is hanging in the spare room "Lefty's Room", waiting for its new home! I'm thinking, above a key rack near a front entrance would be perfect - but then again, it could use a re-do before the move happens? I'm definitely open to suggestions!

La vita è bella,

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