Button Button, Who Needs A Button?

Everyone knows how to sew a button, so this is easy breezy & a great way to save some $!  From time to time I have been known to spend my lunch hour shopping the sale rack at my favorite store.  If I have had a bad morning, or just need to experience pretty things for a bit, Anthropologie is always just a few steps away! 

How often has this happened?  You are fishing through the racks of mildly interesting items, you spot a gem, found your size... but DAMN - a button is missing.  This happened to me recently, and most times I would end up passing on the item.  I took a second glance at all tags to make sure - it was the last size 10 dress.

I proceeded to try it on, and the fit was just too good.  I wouldn't be discouraged this time!  I brought it to the register, and with a smile showed her the missing button and explained it was the last dress in my size.  The sales woman said she would be happy to give me 10% off the dress, which was already marked down from $118 to $69.95.  DEAL! 

I made my lunchtime purchase, and when I got home I pulled out my button collection to find a match.  This little rhinestone button was perfect and dainty!  I had quite a few that matched the color, but you have to make sure that it will fit through the hole or loop provided. 

Now this is not the biggest revelation, and I'm sure most savvy women practice this without even thinking.  Also a basic mending example, but in the future it encourages me to be more practical.  Next time I might purchase an item missing a button from a set, take them all off, and put a completely new set on.  Buttons can be a great detail worth paying attention to, with your basics or something more unique.  Now I can wear my hair up with my new dress, and I saved a little pocket change in the process! 

Happy Spring Shopping!

La vita è bella,

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