Flower Vases: I've Been CUBED! (Fall Project '11)

One of the many perks of being an "office lady" are the beautiful flower arrangements I get to take home once in awhile, after a big board meeting or conference.  Also, our reception area used to house a gorgeous weekly arrangement, and we would rotate who could bring them home on Fridays.  With recent cut backs on amenities and the sad state of the economy, the reception area now has a plant!  Alas, my years of service have come with a serious accumulation of vases.  Believe me, I purged a ton and gave away to friends during the big move this summer - but decorating a 3 bedroom duplex for all that time came with creative alternatives for using my favorite type of vase. 

If you haven't bought from a floral shop or ordered an arrangement recently - you might not be aware of the latest trend: Cubed glass vases.  Flower stems can be cut shorter, and an arrangement can seem much fuller than it actually is when the square shape is taken up.  So minimal and modern, it gives such a cleaner look than those tacky and dated female figure vases.  Even after the flowers have wilted, the possibilities are really endless!   At the end of this post, I will share a quick & easy seasonal project using these glass cubes, and an unexpected item...

1-800 Flowers is on the trend!  My mom received these from Ronnie & I for her birthday 11/18/11 - Happy Birthday Mom!

We had a Betta Fish in this cube (above) for awhile, with black marbles on the bottom.  It's hard to see in this picture, but we even had plastic seaweed in there!  I had to clean it on a weekly basis, and I'm not sure what is a worse smell? dead, wet flowers or stagnant fish bowl water - BLECH!  The cube in front in the picture below, has a smaller glass container inside with a votive candle.  This made a pretty effect at night because the flame was down inside the glass illuminating the white pebbles. 

I have displayed and stored just about everything from wine corks, bottle caps, spare change, bangle bracelets, costume jewelry, hair accessories, and decks of cards, to leftover decorative stones and marbles in these glass cubes.  I also use them in the kitchen, for all of those over sized tools and spoons!

I even use these colored ones in my office to cover the tissue box! 

And now for the Fall Project.  Last Thanksgiving, Ronnie and I hosted our very first dinner together.  It was a busy week, his sister Laura got married and I was the Wedding Photographer!  I put alot of pressure on myself to prepare a delicious holiday meal, and capture all of the important moments of her special day.  After an inspirational walk in Prospect Park during the annual Turkey Trot, I came home with a couple perfectly shaped leaves and an idea to decorate the mantel for our dinner.  A project was just what I needed to calm my nerves!  When I was looking for the few Thanksgiving decorations I had in storage, I pulled out the aerosol can of fake snow. 

It was the perfect temporary way to created negative and positive leave images on these 5 cubes.  I made a stencil from the leaves, and cut it out carefully so I could use both pieces.  The fake snow looks like a frosted glass effect, but not permanent!  I placed a candle in each, and alternated each pattern.  We had 9 people for dinner, so this was about all we had room for decorations!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving next week, and reflect on all of the great things we have to be thankful for - I know I have alot this year!  BabyStella is gonna take a Turkey break too next week... I'm sure she has alot of cooking to do!

Big Ronnie, Thanksgiving 2010

La vita è bella,

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