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There is an indie movie out there from '01 called, The Anniversary PartyIt has a great cast; Alan Cumming, Parker Posey, John C. Riley and Jennifer Jason Leigh - to name a few.  I still have my VHS copy, not because its such a great piece of cinema - but because the house that it takes place in, is straight from my dreams.  I love, love, love large white matted photos in over sized black frames, and not only is this house laid-back modern and simply gorgeous, but there are b&w photos everywhere.  Check it out, it's definitely worth the watch. 

The dream house part of our life is not upon us yet, so I concentrate my version of this Cali home all on one wall.   It's a great way to make art, in and of itself, where all of the parts relate to each other.  It's like my own style of a quilt.

This wall, like most everything at 392 has seen changes over the years, and like myself - for the better.  Most recently for example, as I have made room in my heart, I also made room on my quilt for Ronnie. This StellaBella Project I have taken on, is forcing me to look back before I move forward. I am embracing this, and when I gathered all of the shots I had of this wall I could see how it's evolved over time.  So these photos are organized chronologically, to show how "some things change, and some remain the same."

The above shot was the first round of pictures hung. I laid out what I had on the ground and drew a small diagram, starting in the upper left hand corner and placing them by row. Once I started hanging them, I never took them down or started over again. I was happy with the first draft, and I stuck to my "go with your gut" mantra.  Most are photos I shot, or I am the subject of. There are a few other prints, and the shadow box houses a pair of terry cloth baby bottoms that read, "Can't talk yet, but my name is ERICA".  I found them at my home upstate years ago, packed away in a dusty box.  They looked so straight from the delivery room, and I knew they had to be showcased!

There was a time while living with different roommates that I needed to protect my privacy - yes, in my own home.  I moved the desktop from the common space in the hallway and worked it into my room, on the quilt wall.  With a double bed and over sized dresser, it was a tight fit.  It worked efficiently for me, but it didn't last long.  When the coast was clear, I moved the desk and work area back into the hallway, and continued adding to the wall.

I'm not sure what was going on at the time, but at some point this little black shelve moved into the bedroom and onto the quilt.  I like how it breaks up the sequence of picture frames while continuing the variety of medium with a few JA bud vases.  Some animals have joined along the way, a JA cat ornament, a pair of owls (a gift from Barcelona), and a pewter saltwell owl, (a gift from my grandma).

For this project, I went to MIO for a recycled and cheap way to create texture.  I purchased 4 boxes of these Accoustic Weave  lightweight, recycled paper modules.  They come in packs of 12 one square foot tiles (30.5 cm x 33 cm).  I marked the corners and measured down from the ceiling on each side.  It was tricky getting each piece to interlock with its neighbor, and doing one row at a time worked best.  They are advertised to be used for either temporary or permanent installation, and since I knew this would be the last time I would re-arrange the bed in this apartment, we used spray adhesive. Yes, it will be a big ole mess to clean up when it gets taken down, but its a cool headboard on a budget!

Lefty Sighting!

These last few were shot recently, and is currently how my quilt looks.  We were on a tight budget for Christmas this year, so I came up with a great affordable gift ideas.  I snuck old 70's baby pictures from Ronnie's photo albums, had them touched up & enlarged for frames I already owned, but was ready to replace.  I also did the same with some of our recent iPhone pics.  The guilt overwhelmed me, but I replaced the photos without him knowing they were missing.  And who doesn't love evoking emotions with a present?  Yes, a tear was shed!  Surprising as it was to me, I was very open to making room for Ronnie in my closet.  So I was sure I could be just as receptive to putting his photos and artwork around the apartment as well! 

I look forward to taking all of these down, packing them up and unwrapping them again.  My co-worker and I share this wonderful passion for moving: the prep, the purging, the stoop sale, the boxes, the van, the broken glass, the staircases... the fresh start.  We love the whole process, and for me this one is long overdue.  Some of the pieces of my quilt won't make it to the new destination, some might make the cut, and a few are total shoe-ins.  But I can't wait to see the blank space I will have to create on!

And the great story behind this The Decemberists poster is yet to come....

La vita è bella,

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