Wednesday Food: Let the REAL cooking begin!

 Since this project took off, I have brainstormed different ideas and directions for the blog, some I have even tried out.  Tips and advice have been pouring in from friends, and I have been observing other blogs for different angles that might work for me also.

When I think of the word Home, the other words that come to mind are love, food and travel.  These are the aesthetics that I want to define for StellaBella, and I stepped out of my comfort zone giving it a shot with my first 2 Wednesday Food posts.  While I do think food is an integral part of the home, I am far from skilled!  It is time for expansion, and I'm happy to hand over this section to a professional! 

 This collaboration, and the fact that she accepted so enthusiastically is by far the most beautiful thing to come out of this project!  So without further adieu, it is my honor to welcome StellaBella's new Food Contributor, Rachel Stella.

Hey Everybody! I'm Erica's lil sis Rachel. When she asked me to contribute to StellaBella, I was honored and excited! Not to mention a little nervous. There are so many blogs talking about so many things, do I have anything to add to the mix? Let's hope so!!

I'm here to get everybody cooking! Hopefully inspire and make you think about food in a different way. Be it what you make at home, where you buy your food or where you go out to eat. But let me give you a little background first.

I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in the Baking and Pastry Program. I've worked in multiple restaurants and bakeries in New York, San Francisco and Boston. I've had my joys and frustrations in kitchens and it will always be a place where I'm most comfy. While at the moment I'm not baking professionally, its always in the back of my mind and I look forward to the times I can make a great dinner at home.

For all of those who meet a professional chef and wonder, "What do they eat at home?" I'm going to give you a glimpse into what mine and my husband Eric's (also a CIA graduate and Culinary Chef), food lifestyle is like. I will share some of my favorite recipes, take you to some of my favorite places in my current city - Portland, Maine, and throw in some fun food stories! Now we may be professionals, but we will keep things fairly basic, nutritious and of course delicious!

And on my sign off of my first post, I'll leave you with a taste, (wink wink) of things to come. This tasty dinner is Fettucini in a spicy and smoky tomato sauce with mussels. Eric was so excited about the blog, he started without me!

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