Ode to a Roommate, Part I

As we prepare for our first ever Gate/Stoop/Yard Sale next weekend (mark your calendars 5/21/11) and continue to purge before packing - I wanted to pay homage to the small reminders left behind by the many roommates that have dwelled here at 392.  This one is a favorite because I took the roommate's gift and turned it into - none other than.... Wall Art!

This particular craigslist 6-month renter moved in right after accepting a demanding job in finance.  She was by nature, quiet and stand-offish, but even so - she was never around.  I called her the ghost roommate, and didn't mind her status at all.  The rent was on the refrigerator by the 1st every month - so no complaints here! 

With her busy schedule she somehow found time to take a short weekend trip to visit friends in Tokyo, Japan.  She returned and went directly to work Monday morning, leaving a gift for her favorite roommate!  These were little boxes of adorable jelly bean candies and they were delicious!  I opened the boxes up on the creases & realized there was anime artwork on every panel of these little boxes.  I had this frame with some random photos in it, so I took them out & made a little collage of Japanese candy art!  It has hung in the bathroom ever since.

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