Judgement Day Stoop Sale

Well the world didn't end, and the skies didn't open up. It's a good thing too, I have the rest of my life to live, and I plan to do it to the fullest!  On the day The Rapture was supposed to happen, my lovely neighbor Sandy, good friend Kristy and I woke up early and got our Stoop Sale on! We dragged all of our crap to the gates of 392, hung unwanted garments, and filled tables with dust collectors and ancient artifacts from the 90's. 

This was merely the first round, and I want to do it again before we move. But we had a blast and made some decent pocket change in the process.  I, of course dipped into my stash to provide bagels and beer to my fellow saleswomen - but I was happy with the outcome none the less! 

We posted our "End of the World Sale" on Craigslist which got alot of attention, and plastered the street corners with chalk signage.  Such a typical thing to do in Park Slope - after all my years living here, I should have been doing this annually!  Maybe then I wouldn't be in this packing pickle that I am facing now.   Which reminds me - my faithful readers, please forgive me if I'm away from StellaBella for a bit - the move to Forte Greene is officially underway!

THIS was sold for $3 to a woman who told me she was buying props for a movie!  Keep your eyes open for it readers!

La vita è bella,


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