You're My Home.

(play while reading)

What is my new route to work?  Where will I get coffee in the morning?  Will my new neighbors like my loud music?  Will all of my mail get forwarded with no problem?  Where will I grocery shop?  What color palettes to choose? Are there enough outlets?  What are the best storage solutions?  How will I confront the challenges of the new space?  Where will I fit all of my clothes and shoes!?!?!?!  (insert scream here.)

While I'm getting completely caught up and overwhelmed by this long overdue moving process, this song reminds me of the most important reason I am leaving my shared apartment.  I fell deeply in love with the man of my dreams and my best friend.

The oldest stories and most profound are love stories, and they will never get old.  No matter how much humanity will evolve, matters of the heart will always be emotionally charged.  Our story is no better than anyone's, but it is the most momentous event in my life to date. 

While knowing each other and becoming great friends over the last few years, and recently celebrating our one year anniversary together - I am confident that everything I learned and experienced in my life so far, led me to this beautiful union.  Our lives were composed and written with many twists and turns that brought us together.  We have both loved and lost, been on cloud nine, and down in the dumps.   But our journey is now a double lane charging down the highway of life, and harmoniously going in whatever direction we choose!   If the new apartment isn't everything we dreamed - it already is - because I am living my dream.  My happiness does not come from my extensive Jonathan Adler collection (like it may seem), but from the trust, honestly, and passion I have in my relationship with Mr. Ronald J. Parisella, AKA Big Ronnie.

We can get so caught up in the look of our home; being prepared for guests, making sure it reflects our style, shows off souveniers from exotic travels, and of course a library full of of knowledge, literature, music, comedy and art - it is always important to take time to remember the real make-up of a home - Love. 

"Home is just another word for you."

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