Featured in the New York Times - Me!

It's not often an average girl wakes up on a Sunday morning & gets this message from a friend - "looking at a picture of you in the Sunday NY Times!"  But that is exactly what happened to me yesterday!  My own version of a real SJP/Sex & The City Moment!  I know we are talking HOME and everything that falls under that category on this blog, but here is a little story about "Your Friendly-Tattoo'ed Decorator!"

I was reading this article, Thursday evening on NYTimes.com -

It was a brief, (and kinda lame) interview and story about the season finale of NY Ink, the spin-off to Ami James's Miami Ink show on TLC that would be airing later that night. I watched the show from the begining (fast-forwarding through the drama that is Kat Von D), and I continued to follow as it moved to NYC, and after finding out it would feature an artist of my own work - Chris Torres!  Chris gave me my favorite spontaneous tattoo on my right knuckle.  There was a related questionnaire toward the bottom of the article: New Yorkers, Show Off Your Ink! I clicked away, answered 2 or 3 questions, submitted my favorite photo of my NY Pride: one of my 2 Rotten Apples, I got in Seattle by Thomas Graham @ SuperGenius, and thought nothing more of it.

The following Sunday, The New York Times ran this on its website: a collection of over 150 submissions, a really great "nyc tattoo look book" that included a favorite local celeb of mine - Insectavora, and a beautiful statement by her.   Below is my flash page -

The short related print article (Metropolitan Section, Page 8), was really a special treat! As you can see, my photo was top pick, along with two others from all of the submissions. Now when I go back to the original online related article - I am the thumbnail to the Multimedia page & it's also on the NY/Region homepage! SO EXCITING!

Sunday July 24, 2011 - NYT Section MB Pg. 8

I give alot of credit to the photographer, although I never got his name. I think my submission was chosen because of the contrasting background, and high resolution.  The tattoo is NY related also, I'm sure that didn't hurt ;)  He was a film student and nephew to a friend, who was visiting from LA 2 summers ago. He sent me this photo after a fun summer night of BBQ-ing and drinking!

Also, check me out on Fuck Yeah, Tattoos! & KnuckleTattoos.com

La vita è bella,

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