Loft Living: A Childhood Dream

Over 3 months ago, Ronnie and I visited what we thought would be only one of many apartments, in a long summer search for our first home.  Little did we know - it would be love at first sight!  We started early, and gave ourselves ample time to find a suitable space.  I knew what neighborhood I wanted to live in, and Ronnie knew what our budget was.  We would have to meet somewhere in the middle!

To get me started on this adventure, I was referred to a nice older man, who rented no-broker fee apartments to a few friends.  After speaking on the phone to who would soon become our new landlord for a few minutes and explaining what we were looking for, he was understanding and happy to accommodate.  He went through his list of "meat & potato" apartments that he knew would become available June 1st.  Nothing sounded promising or very interesting, but I wanted to keep in touch with him - he had alot of buildings in Fort Greene. 

I continued perusing the usual channels: Craigslist, Brownstoner, and  FB Marketplace with little luck.  It was only the middle of May, but I was getting antsy.  My weekend had arrived, and I vowed to set up as many appointments as I could.  "See as much as possible, and don't count anything out!" - I told myself this was the positive mindset to go in with.  But before I got that far, I received a phone call Thursday after work.  It was the Fort Greene landlord, and he had just been informed; one of his tenants would be evacuating a unique space by June 30th, and wanted to know if we were interested. 

My curiosity was peaked of course, "Yes!" was my immediate answer, and he continued to tell me about our future home - the spacious-high-ceiling-loft studio apartment, with separate kitchen.   A previous tenant constructed the built-in loft himself, and used an expensive cherry wood.  My only worry was quickly put to rest - even at 6'1", Ronnie would have no problem standing underneath, or up inside the loft.  As I half-listened and half-daydreamed to the rest of his explanation, I had a flashback to my childhood. 

My father had a series of books he referred to and swore by during the drastic home renovation he finished almost entirely by himself during my adolescence - a home project that still blows my mind.  The Time Life Home Repair and Improvement Series were filled with words he lived by.  I, on the other hand skipped over the text and diagrams to get to the photo gallery in each book.  In one of the books in particular, New Living Spaces there was a photo collection of 70's styled lofts built into huge industrial converted apartments.  Yes, it was the early 80's and the colors and fabrics were tacky, but I was no older than 10.  I distinctly remember this bright yellow wrought iron loft; it was what I wanted to have when I grew up, and I now I finally have it!

If you can get your hands on a set of these vintage relics, they really are chock full of useful DIY solutions and repairs, and for the most part stand the test of time. 

So, I made the appointment without hesitation.  I also made the split decision to put all my eggs in one basket that weekend - no other appointments just yet.   We were taking all the details into consideration leading up to walking in the door, but when it swung open - I knew this was the place!   My heart told me so, even though my mind would question every aspect for the next 2 months of the exhausting process.  But, here we are - it has almost been an entire month and we couldn't be happier! 

There are so many things about a loft that gets me excited. It's not a traditional way of living, because I'm not a traditional kinda girl ;)  it relies on creative space savers and dual purpose pieces, properly positioned furniture and rugs can define the open space however you want, you can have huge plants (and when I say huge plants, I also mean HUGE Christmas Trees!), large paintings, and you actually think more freely!  I found an article about how higher ceilings promote creativity, by a professor at the University of Minnesota's School of Management.  So, I really hope my creative juices are influenced by the height - the 3 tall windows are going to be a challenge to dress! 

That's all for now -

La vita è bella,

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