MIO Tiles on Showtime's Weeds

Showtime's highest rated satire, Weeds is now in its 7th season.  I have watched an episode here and there - torn between the creative writing and story lines, to being most annoyed by the main character Nancy, played by Mary-Louise Parker.   Although I love the fearlessness of the character, she over acts and her gonna-get-my-way whining has become predictable.  But alas, I have been watching the first 4 episodes so far, and Andy seems to have gotten himself mixed up in a polyamorous relationship!  If you intend to watch, I won't give anything else away.  I'm not even sure it's important to the show, but the woman in the scene has a very unique design aesthetic!  Where am I going with this you ask?  Well, check out the headboard!?!  Does it look familiar?  It has now been featured in 2 episodes, and worth noting.  There are more permanent big buck installations and panel versions of these wall treatments on the market, but this recycled cardboard replica from MIO looks great on the set!!!  The entire room is really out there; for a glimpse you can the video clip on MIO's Facebook page.  Whoever got those tiles on the wall, did a great job - Kudos!

If you remember, my headboard from 392 was also a project using another texture from this company.  It took 4 boxes of Accoustic Weave lightweight, recycled paper modules; 12 one square foot tiles (30.5cm x 33cm) in each. I marked the corners and measured down from the ceiling on each side. It was tricky getting each piece to interlock with its neighbor, and doing one row at a time worked best.  We used spray adhesive, 2 sets of hands (at least), and a lot of patience to complete it.  After painting the cardboard white, so it matched the rest of the wall, I was very happy with the outcome.  I think this is a great project for a kid's room, to add a fun design element, and because it is not permanent.  Any room that needs a focal point could really be used - I would just be cautious of painting the tiles different colors.  This project could go from fab to tacky really quick! 


I thought I would add a photo of my friend Geoff, and one of me in front of the wall.  I should have used it for more photo shoots! 


La vita è bella,

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