Wednesday Food: Food and Sex

As I mentioned when I joined the StellaBella blog, I am not currently baking professionally. Right now, I'm working in sexual education, a field I find incredibly rewarding, fun and wonderfully gratifying! As I say on a daily basis, "food and sex are all that really matter, everything else is in between".  I'm not going to get graphic or talk about mixing your food with sex alla Nine 1/2 Weeks, but about food and sexual health.

It is hard not to notice sexual health being talked about more in the mainstream media. News programs try to tackle the subject, tons of new sex bloggers pop up everyday, and even Oprah had Jenna Jameson on her show! Many times when I'm reading articles about having a "good" sex life, there is always a correlation between good overall health (diet/exercise) and a healthy sex life (with yourself or with partner/s)...what a revelation! Not too long ago, the diet below crossed my path. Unfortunately, I can't remember where it came from but nonetheless found it important to share.

1) Eat 1-2oz. dark chocolate (70% or higher) a day

2) Drink green or Rooibos tea. 2-3 cups a day is recommended

3) Eat protein at every meal to stabilize blood sugar such as beans, chicken, turkey, wild caught fish or grass fed beef

4) Eat lots of different colored veggies. 3-5 servings a day. Do not eat white potatoes, only yellow, blue or sweet. Eat corn occasionally, only fresh kernels

5) Eat lots of fresh fruit, particularly apples and berries. 2-3 servings a day

6) Eat at least 1 oz. of nuts per day. You can eat them as a snack to satisfy hunger and stabilize blood sugar

7) Cook with healthy oils like canola or olive oil. Avoid trans fats and use butter sparingly

8) Avoid white flours and sugars. Try to use whole wheat flour and honey or agave syrup when making desserts. If you eat a piece of cake or ice cream be sure to eat some nuts along with it to balance out the blood sugar

9) Drink lots of water, even filtered tap water is fine

10) Exercise 30 minutes a day, to a sweat

11) Enjoy at least one orgasm (or more!) a week to boost your immune system and maintain nerve connection.

Now, I will say that I do not eat this healthy on a daily basis. But, since this diet has crossed my path I have changed a few things about the way I eat.  Noone is perfect, but I have seen improvements.  I think that's the important thing to remember with diets: they are guidelines. Take them with a grain of salt and take what you can from them. But be realistic about it!

I have a few other suggestions. Particularly for women who suffer from frequent yeast infections. At first sign of a possible infection, I recommend you consult your gynecologist. It is VERY often that people misdiagnose themselves and it can be an indication of other problems. To keep a healthy pH, its best to limit your sugar intake, start drinking kombucha or possibly consider a probiotic diet. Also make sure the lubricants you use do not contain glycerin or glycerol. Many "natural" lubes now are being made with stevia or other sugar substitutes. My rule of thumb is to stick with lubes that don't have any taste to them. So in turn that means shopping at places where you CAN taste the lubes. You can do it!  And always remember to support your local woman owned and operated sexuality stores!

Here at StellaBella, we love love! Go forth, love and be healthy!


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