Coloring-Out Your Library

I come across this basic concept every once in awhile in a design magazine, blog or catalog.  Some will call it a "Rainbow Library", but that just sounds childish.  I think "coloring-out your library collection" sounds much more sophisticated. 

The idea is to take your entire book collection and separate them by the color of the binding only - not concerning yourself with size, subject or colors on the front cover.  This is really a great way to showcase your collection with impact!  I never thought my library was all that extensive, but years ago my first attempt was pretty successful...

I started by sorting out the white & black books first, from there you can see what you have left. The whole process is alot of fun, and I'm a big organizing geek - but organizing anything by color is really a good time! What you most likely will end up with is a stack of neutral colored books. Don't worry, use them as fillers in a group of the same color palette (for ex. a cream binding could go into a yellow group, or dark grey could get mixed into your black section). If you really have enough, you can have a stack of neutrals that can also include brown.

Add in board games, storage boxes, vases, picture frames or whatever knick knack that will make it uniquely yours!

With the addition of Ronnie's library of "gentleman literature", sports and cigar related items, and a few more of my colorful knick knacks  - I could really do this project justice in our new apartment!  This was a no-brainer for the big wall that you see when you first walk into the studio - big impact, great use of storage, and a real conversation piece!

Lefty sighting

Can you believe these lucite shelves were almost trash?  Office furniture left behind after one of our Program Director's at The Sloan Foundation retired.  I always coveted them when I would visit his office, very Mad Men-esque. So when I heard no one was interested in preserving them - I spoke up! 

When it came to picking out a new couch, and the pillows to dress it with, I decided a neutral grey upholstery with black & white accent throws would tone down all the color behind it!  Our 70's rustic tree coffee table also has the natural look that is, (for the most part) missing from the bookshelf. 

This is the first project in the new home, and I'm so happy to finally share the photos with my readers!   More to come...

UPDATE!  (1.28.12)  I always try to share updated photos, as we live in our space and it changes with us.  This one of the Colored-Out Library, lets my readers know that change is always good!  I thought the wall was perfect before, but moving the blue section up to the 2nd shelf shows off the colors much better!

Happy Decorating :)

La vita è bella,


  1. I first saw this here:
    and loved the idea. I have yet to do it, but when I have a home with a "library" room, I will. A girl can dream, can't she?

  2. You can always start small! The first picture was a narrow bookcase in my hallway. Make those dreams come true ;)


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