Flier Trial: Lamp Before & After

Back in the early Spring, I designed some ad fliers with my phone number repeated at the bottom for tear aways.  I came up with 2 different designs; one for moving-in needs and floor placement, and the other for home office organization.  I strategically placed them around Park Slope, and waited for the phone to ring.  I received one phone call from my very first advertising attempt, and his name was Larry.

Larry's wife recently had a baby, and he needed to move his home office out of the apartment, and rent a separate space.  He was a journalist and music critic with a crazy extensive collection, and needed my help to maximize the long and narrow office.  To make a long story short, we lost touch after our first consultation.  During our own move, Larry did have the construction workers install the shelves where we discussed, and placed the furniture ideally, but couldn't commit to another follow-up.  After that brief call, I wasn't able to get a hold of him again.

When I left Larry the first time, I took with me his father's old lamp.  He wanted to get rid of it, and said he hated looking at it.  I promised him I would improve the look of the lamp, in accordance with the colors that would fit into the new office.  Salvaging the lamp was the only good deed I accomplished for my new friend Larry.  Not knowing if I would hear from him again, the lamp came with us in our move, and I just decided to stop waiting.  I plan to drop it off in the lobby of his office building this week, with a lovely note card -

Thank you for being my first client, Enjoy!




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