Merle and Irene

When I think back on my life as a dancer, it is filled with mixed emotions.  But along the way from the age of 5, there were individuals that inspired me through the "storm" of a dancer's life.  Merle Holloman taught me how to maximize the use of space with the movement of my body.  Today I can still apply the same principles that she taught, (and continues to teach), to my skills as an interior decorator; she is a true student of José Limón

The visualization of fall and recovery, and the interplay between weight and weightlessness that encompass the Limón technique can be applied to maximizing the space of any room. While concentrating on functionality for easy, enjoyable living, I think the space you live in should have a flow to it!  I learned that in order to be aware of the space you occupied with your body as a dancer, you also had to be aware of the negative space around you.  These same ideas work for floor placement also - it's like choreography for your home!  I looked forward to every class and rehearsal I had with Merle; spirits always high, enthusiastic and empowered to spread the word and joy of dance.  I learned so much from her in the years as her student, but I never thought these same ideas could be applied to another medium later in my life. 

And this brings me to a brief story.  During preparations for Hurricane Irene to hit NYC with all of her force - my former mentor and professor from college posted these stunning pictures on her Facebook page.

In what seems like an excessive preparation, it looks like NYers have locked themselves indoors and logged onto the Internet until the power goes out.  Whatever happens - I found inspiration in these photographs, even in the face of a devastating storm.  Reminiscing on space, and how to use it to the best of my ability.

The geometric shapes created by the black tape compliments the 2 "Mondrian-esque" paintings on either side of the window - both done by her mother.  I also love the table of books - lots of knowledge to read over this weekend! 

I hope everyone stays safe, and NYC is back to business soon.

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