Erica's Essentials: Vintage Playboys

This will be the first in a series of quick tip posts; a Brooklyn girl's opinion on must-have's for the modern home!  I gotta give my audience something while I wait on finishing my other projects!

I lived with Jeremiah, for the first few years that I resided in my lovely borough.  This is really his must-have, but I carried on the tradition and spread the word when ever I get the chance... 

Vintage Playboys are total Americana relics and I think they belong in every bathroom.  They actually DO have great articles, and despite the beautiful, shapely and curvy women, the retro advertisements are pretty hilarious too!  Simon Doonan said, "Every copy of Playboy is an orgy of groovy visuals.  It’s a world of nylons, cigarette lighters, cone-bras and sports cars. Heterosexuals were never so classy." 

Do you remember when Bush was cool?  Playboy does!  The advice columns are another spot to check out: dating advice from the era of disco?  Really?  Hey, you may think times should go back to this way of thinking, or they were so off base it makes you wonder how you even got here!  None the less, we can all agree that dating was much less complicated without the Internet. 

I picked up some of these magazines at a flea market, one at a book sale, and the rest were from my father's collection.  You can stack them on the back of the toilet, like I did here, put them in a nice basket or fabric container, or you can also use a small magazine rack - like the one pictured below from IKEA.  Wouldn't you rather flip through these antiques while sitting on the john, than whatever CB2 or West Elm has new this season?   Your guest will comment on them every time!  Guaranteed.

Photo from threebysea

And, if you just can't seem to find them,  has put the entire archive online!   Now, I'm sure there is an app for that.

La vita è bella,

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