Wednesday Food: Treats on Washington

When Eric and I lived in Boston, we were fortunate to be around good company. My two best friends, Dana and Jessica (aka JB) from the CIA lived there as well and are still there now. They recently opened a bakery in the Brighton neighborhood.

I have known Dana ever since my start at the CIA. We were first neighbors in the crazy, smoky, fire alarm riddled dorms. We got along ever since we met and we didn't let go of each other very easily. After our externships, we ended up living across the hall from each other. Then, in the Bachelor's Program, we were finally roomies, and JB our honorary roommate. We laughed together, cried together, cooked together, had hangovers together and watched Dawson's Creek together.

Now we are all "grown up" and they are proud bakery owners! Treats on Washington is an absolutely delightful little bakery. I was very much in love with their blue and orange color scheme; very bright and inviting. And they play the BEST music (Chaka Khan, The Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.). They did a great job creating a comfortable, fun and relaxing atmosphere.

JB and Dana are serving up deliciousness all over the place! Right when you walk in your greeted by their mini cakes. Dana and I have always been frustrated with the cupcake craze. Mini cakes are where it's at.  Why have a cupcake when can have a little piece of heaven? A balanced helping of cake and frosting, rather than mounds of frosting on top of a little cake. The one that we tried was the Carrot Cake, (because I heard it was the one everyone raves about), and I totally understand why! A deliciously moist cake, not too sweet cream cheese frosting and garnished with brown sugar crumbs around the sides.

As you round the corner, you will find cookies, brownies, croissants, scones, sticky buns, muffins and the list goes on (vegan & non-vegan items too),  ALL fresh and ALL scrumptious! Eric and I tried a couple of treats in the bakery and took some home for breakfast. We nibbled on a moist, melt in your mouth peanut butter cookie and tried a warm focaccia topped with sea salt and tomatoes. We sipped on a housemade ginger and hibiscus soda.  Perfect for a steamy hot day in Boston!

One item I was so excited to see was the Craquelin. Many people may be unfamiliar with this wonderful pastry but this was a highly coveted bread in the Baking and Pastry Dept. at the CIA - by students and chefs alike! Craquelin is simply brioche dough mixed with a few sugar cubes. When the dough bakes the sugar cube melts, so you've got a not-so-sweet bread with hints of sweetness melted into the dough. It's beyond yummy. It's a utopia in your mouth. At Treats on Washington, they brush it with a rose water glaze to give a nice shiny finish. A fantastic accompaniment with one of their many coffee or espresso drinks.

Not only do they have delicious pastries, cakes and muffins but they also do homemade soups, braided stuffed breads, bistro sandwiches and salads. The stuffed breads were so unique and looked delicious! They serve them grilled and piping hot!

Dana is also a MASTER with cakes! She makes some of the most spectacular wedding cakes I've ever seen and I've witnessed many of her masterpieces. When we lived in Boston, if I had a day off, I would ride with Dana to help with deliveries. Here's a wedding cake she made for our friend in New York City. She transported this beauty all the way through tons of traffic and road work and it looked PERFECT!

We are so proud of Dana and JB! They are two hard working women who love what they do and do it so well! So, people of Brighton, MA (and also surrounding areas and visitors), I ask you.....would you rather hang out at a Starbucks, where some truck delivers the baked goods and the music is like hanging out in an elevator? Or would you like to put your money back into the local community, eat handmade fresh pastries and sandwiches, listen to the best bakery soundtrack EVER and take advantage of their free WiFi? I think you know the answer to that.

And just so you know, this trip to Treats on Washington is kicking off some baking posts for the next couple of weeks!  So stay tuned for some great baking tips, yummy recipes and, of course, BabyStella stuffing her face with delicious food!


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