The Future's So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades! Part 1

Alot of people have been asking to see more pictures of the new loft, and I admittedly wish things were further along.  But I am happy to announce that we've taken one BIG step towards settling into our love nest!  Ronnie and I tackled the 3 enormous windows overlooking Lafayette Avenue head on.  But we couldn't do this one alone - we needed the friendly, professional help from The Shade Store! Since privacy is an issue on the 2nd floor, and the size is a non-standard 46"x96", we had to go custom... and I knew just the woman to call!

I met the fabulous Kimberly Taylor a few years ago through a mutual friend, and she is currently the Marketing Director at The Shade Store.  We have had many Mexican Restaraunt Fiestas together in our years living here in the Big Apple; but despite our hilarious girl's nights out, and how much fun she is, I have always been inspired by her driven career.  So in tandem with her shade assistance, I have also decided that my next endeavour here on StellaBella will be interviews!  And Kim was kind enough to help me break my interview cherry!  Part II of The Future's So Bright, will be Kim's Exclusive StellaBella Interview!

Ronnie and I visited the Soho showroom, on a lunch break one beautiful weekday in the beginning of September.  If we walked in with no clue what we wanted, I would have probably been overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous, modern options and variations.  Luckily, The Shade Store has an excellent easy-to-use website, and the Price Comparison Tool made narrowing down my selections alot easier.  

We couldn't visit long, but I was prepared after having Adrienne, one of The Shade Store's lovely customer service reps, put me in touch with the closest contractor in our neighborhood.  They came to the house and pre-measured the windows a week prior.  We looked at samples, placed our order, then Ronnie & I grabbed lunch at Cafe Cafe... I was so excited we had to snap a photo of our sample package!

The shades arrived about a week and a half later, and I scheduled the appointment to have the contractor come back to our love loft.  This is really an extra expense that is worth it.  If I measured, ordered and hung everything myself, and it didn't fit for whatever reason - I would be responsible.  But having the experts take on the responsibility of measurements and installation is really worth the extra money.  The Shade Store would replace the shades for free if they were wrong.   Luckily, and despite the slight differences and irregularity between the 3 windows - everything fit perfectly!

Lefty Sighting!

 Kitchen - Before

 Kitchen - After

 Living Room - Before

Living Room - After

So here are the newly shaded windows - simple and clean.  I have so much bold, bright colors and patterns throughout the loft, I am very happy with my choice of solar shades in Pearl and White.  They create a neutral backdrop, and gives the room a subtle sophistication.  We received this adorable Thank You Card from them shortly after the installation!  For every customer's purchase, The Shade Store plants a tree assisting in their efforts to nourish our National Forests.  Great customer service, great product, and real green solutions being used by this local family owned business!  I couldn't be a happier customer!

The Shade Store has such a variety of patterns and textures - I would definitely use them again for a more adventurous design.  And speaking of adventures, 2011 has really felt like one for me.  It's too early to start reflecting, but the first year of the StellaBella blog has been such a great experience - I'm so excited to see where it continues to take me.  I have alot of ideas running around in this brain of mine, and for the first time in over a decade I have started to document and share them. The responses have been so wonderful and inspiring! 

Thank you again to all of my readers and followers!  I encourage your comments and questions - let's make StellaBella even more beautiful together!

La vita è bella,

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