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Hey everyone - I am slowly in the process of moving this blog to a real platform, and will be working on a new design over the next few months.  If you have us saved in a reader or a bookmark, please update it, although the blogspot adress will work until I officially move it over to Wordpress. With this big step, I thought I would tell the story of the StellaBella icon and where it originated from. 

My world traveling friend Dave, took this photograph of a small graffiti piece on a bathroom wall in Prague, Germany.  Upon his return he showed off hundreds of beautiful landscapes and castles, but I immediately was drawn to this photo, and saved a copy in a folder on my hard drive: "Cool Images".  It's made up of the most simple shapes; a heart, 2 triangles, and two cirles with dots - but still it speaks so beautifully.  Two birds wrapped up in eachothers love, and I knew this was what I wanted as my StellaBella icon.  With Dave's permission, and Ronnie's mother's help with photoshop - we came up with the pink & yellow birds you see today. 

Maybe a T-shirt line is in the future?  Here are some of the updated versions:

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