The Future's So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades Part 2: Interview Time!

In the first part of this story, my friend Kimberly Taylor graciously helped us out with our 3 oversized windows at The Shade Store.  She was also kind enough to be StellaBella's first ever interview victim!  I have met so many fabulous people in my years living in NYC, that sharing their inspirations was the next logical step.  As I continue to define my own aesthetic through this blog project - I think the people around me have been a source of inspiration, and  I want to include them also.  Kim is a great start.  I don't call myself an analog girl in a digital world for nothing.  I'm learning as I go, but growing up in a dance studio, I didn't have much of a interest in technology.  I am in awe and inspired by Kim's tech-savvy abilities, merged with her artistic background.  She is definitely on the pulse of "What's New" in the Design Blog world.  So readers and fans - say "Hello" to a fabulous individual & get to know her a little better!

Kimberly Taylor blogs here as hotlead, and is a marketing director, brand manager and social media strategist.  She produces meaningful events, brand stories, and consumer experiences, using digital word of mouth/new media campaigns, with a history developing strong PR and social marketing communications for lifestyle brands. 

Impressive chic, huh?

My Exclusive StellaBella Interview with Kimberly Taylor

What designer/artist inspires you?
Yves Behar. Period. I heart his mind.

What pop icon do you love to hate?
Ken and Barbie

Favorite 80’s cartoon & why?
Muppet Babies – who doesn’t love childhood versions of icons?—Muppets no less!

Favorite 70's cop movie/show & why?
Starsky and Hutch – Soul and Glaser were hot. Zebra Three all the way!
UGGS. Fugly or fashion staple?
They should be illegal.

Indeed.  Other than marketing and brand management, what are your other passions?
Art, design, technology, trend-spotting, fundraising, writing.
What is your favorite piece of your furniture?
Blu Dot’s New Toro Lounge Chair – modern yet classic, simple lines and if you sit in it, you won’t want to get up. I love those guys!

What is the easiest way to revitalize a stale room?
Revive the wall colors, update window treatments, and start with a clean slate.

What home product can you not live without?
My Breville Juicer and Keurig Brewer

What are your favorite online resources?
Umm, well.. my GoogleReader is fed with PSFK, Mashable, Design Milk, Swiss-Miss, Metropolis, Fast Company, Brooklyn Vegan, Apartment Therapy, Media Bistro, Design*Sponge, Bike Snob NYC, I can go on and on…and on…

What trends do you see emerging for the Holiday Season?
More and more geo-targeted Deal Sites, allowing more efficient mobile shopping/purchasing

Any new companies, products to keep our eyes peeled for? is an amazing example. Great model.  Kindle Fire is getting up there...

Mixing new and vintage is a timeless exercise in my opinion, where have you seen it done well lately?
I’m such a fan. One of my favorite shopping sites to find great items to pull this off: MCMF
 A great blog I love for surfing these looks is Modern Vintage 
One great showcase of this was on the HGTV Show, Home by Novogratz where they transformed a Queens Rockaway Beach bungalow into great upgraded beach home. They used vintage looking appliances (Big Chill pink fridge) along with original antique and found goods, mashed with total mod-style accessories and furniture. Great episode.

It was a good episode, still saved on my DVR!  How does creativity manifest itself in your day-to-day life?
I often wake up in mid-thought of how our lives can function better. I absorb everything, and I don’t stop asking questions out loud. Pondering everything from the scent of my coffee brewing and how to get that through the rest of my apartment each morning, to why NYC subway seating is arranged a certain way, and why my MetroCard can’t charge my iPhone. I’m always bookmarking and making notes on what I find inspiring. It’s just a cycle, and it’s day-to-day for me.

And what would this world be without creative minds like yours?  Choose 3 words to describe your style.
Simple, Unpremeditated, Tomboy

After only meeting her once, Bacon has become my 2nd favorite NYC pet, next to Lefty of course.  How do you keep a pet-friendly home stylish? Tools/tricks to not letting Bacon rule your space?
  • Give them their own space. They need it just as much as you do.
  • Search for well-designed pet home accessories that match your own style
  • I love these pet brands: Molly Mutt, P.L.A.Y., also the contract design brand, Crypton makes great pet items!
  • Make your own pet furniture to bring more of yourself in their space!

  • Use wooden crates or old bins and make your own bed pillows to place inside
  • Dog Milk is an inspiration. Jaime, the editor is awesome!

I posted recently about an old suitcase being used as a dog bed.  Fun items for your pet - why not?  I remember your Bacon-themed BBQ party you threw a few years ago, any theme parties in the works?
Funny you ask. I think we should throw one together – what do you say? This winter? Bacon never gets old. Perhaps a Spanish theme is overdue? Bacon and tortilla!  Who cares if there is snow on the ground?

I can't wait... name the date & we will bring the Patron.  You graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Art History; when did your interests in design, communications and technology come into play?
 Even as an art history major we were brought right into design and architecture. So it truly did begin with college. Many of my friends are very ambitious and brilliant, and in tune with the arts and technology. When I started at Metropolis in 1999, my curiosity more than quadrupled. The staff and industry partners were incredibly motivating and working right along with Editor in Chief Susan Szenasy was incredibly inspiring. I met many people in different industries there, and my work at the agency, Renegade helped push my interests into the emerging media side of things. So it was just a snowball effect, I think.

Last Question: Lifestyle branding - what the hell is that, and have you worked on a project that you weren’t behind, but had to get the job done anyway?

 - 1st Question - Lifestyle branding is when a brand focuses on functional attributes to feature their products as representing a certain lifestyle – think Dove, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks.

- 2nd Question – Yes. It’s part of life being in any profession. There’s something to say about getting the job done. But there’s so much more to say when you can feel fully behind something and be proud that you were a part of it.

And for a final thought... Favorite Hood Spots (Williamsburg, Westchester, CT)

- Custom Wine Bar – the people that run it become your true friends
- McCarren Park Dog Run – Bacon misses her friend, Doug the Pug
- Walter Foods – all-time favorite place for a delicious dinner
- Tarry Market – Batali’s new market place, Port Chester, NY
- Pepsi Co sculpture gardens in Purchase, NY
Danbury, CT
- Widow Browns
- Sesame Seed

Thank you so much Kim.  It's been a tough and life learning experince for both of us the last few years - we will only be stronger more awesome women for it in the future!  La BellaVita!

La vita è bella,

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