SHOES...Exposed: Picture Frame Quilt Part II

While I'm still working on my big break in the design world, with actual client stories, and their own Before & After photo shoots - I have much more to learn and will continue to tell stories of the creative solutions I come up with in my own home.

As with most NYC apartments I have lived in, the same goes for my new love loft - there is never enough storage.  I have gotten creative over the years with tight spaces, and I know a challenge when I see one!  Do you remember the first Picture Frame Quilt story, from the old apartment?   Well, in the new loft, I decided to make the focal point wall in the room a new version of that wall statement, with the best and most reasonable place to store and display both his and her's footwear!

My Senior year at Marymount, I lived with 2 other dance majors in a 2 bedroom walk up on the Upper East Side.  I shared the bigger room, so I purchased an IKEA loft bed, and built my organized closet conveniently underneath me, complete with a dresser facing outward and my clothing rack behind. I hung a tapestry curtain from UO to cover half of the storage to the underside of the bed frame.  Talk about making the most out of what I had!  In retrospect, maybe sleeping up high above the ground has always been appealing to me, especially when I know where everything is.

My advice would always be to find creative ways to hide your stuff, but while we are currently dealing with the storage of both of our wardrobes, I knew Ronnie & I would need to have at least some stuff neatly organized and displayed, and NOT hidden away - it's only 1 room!  It's so important to make the most out of a 375 square foot apartment, so we don't feel cramped.  It's also a fun way to show off my fashion too ;)

We purchased 12 shoe racks from IKEA, and after getting rid of at least a dozen pairs of shoes during the Park Slope Stoop Sale, everything fits (for now at least).  When we first viewed the apartment, the previous occupant had a bistro table and two bar stools against this wall - total waste of space & frankly right in the walkway toward the bathroom.  So how I have organized this wall and placement of the wardrobe storage unit directly across from it, the space into the bathroom feels almost like a walk-through closet.  I place cedar sticks in various pairs, try to keep them as clean & fresh as possible!

With nearly 15 foot high ceilings, there was alot more room to create above the shoe display.  Drawing as much attention away from the shoes as possible would be the goal.  We had a fresh coat of gallery white paint on the walls, and I was ready to recreate another Picture Frame Quilt

Notice The Decemberist Print?  I kept my promise to Grace Bonney, it will live in our home for a long time!

There are more stories to come, as we have finally been getting settled into our small little nest.  There were some failed plans and ideas at first, but nothing that got me discouraged.  IKEA held us hostage for a few months too, but no hard feelings.  It looks like we will be staying put for awhile and I am glad that we have found our comfort in the tight space - I'm sure we will remember our first apartment for the rest of our lives, look back and laugh at how we got by! 

La vita è bella,

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