StellaBella By City: Seattle, WA

I am starting a new series here, a collection of photographs and links to my favorite places in various cities - and I thought Seattle, WA was the perfect place to start!  For the last 5 years I traveled there for 1 of the 8 Sloan Research Fellowship Committee Meetings.   I thoroughly enjoyed every experience I had in this beautiful American city, and was sad that this would be the first Winter I wouldn't be taking that long Jet Blue flight out west, to help select Computational and Evolutionary Molecular Biology Fellows!  After my final trip, I begrudgingly had brunch the next morning after the awful red-eye... (the story is here), and it actually turned out to be a great day, and the beginning of this StellaBella journey!


Stella Caffe (pictures over the years, I made a point to visit every time)

There is nothing cooler than being used for an artist's portfolio, but even better was being surprised to find it!  I returned to the shop, Super Genius where I got my New York City Tribute: Rotten Apples, 2 years later and found that my artist, Thomas Graham had displayed his work on my chest in his portfolio in large 8x10 print - 3rd page!  Best tattoo shop in Seattle!

The Brooklyn.  I never ate here, so I can't comment on the food.  When I saw it, it made me homesick - honest.

There is GREAT art at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport!

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La vita è bella,

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