Lefty & NY Ink Part II

So the BIG day finally arrived!

It has been an honor to be in the company of Ink tattoo customers such as Lloyd Banks, Anthony BourdainMethod Man, Marky Ramone, John Forté, and most recently Tito Puente, Jr!

Tonight on TLC's  NY Ink, I get tattoed by Megan Massacre. I wrote about the story that got me onto the show here, and below are my final photos that goes along with it!  I had this idea for some time before this opportunity came along, and originally I wanted Lefty on my left rib cage.  I quickly changed my placement when I imagined a camera crew standing around me with my pale torso exposed on the table.  No thank you, my left calf will do just fine.  The segment went by so quickly, and looked pretty painless - but don't let television fool you!  Tattoos hurt a lot, kids.  All in all, it was a once in a lifetime experience & I had a great time spending the day with the Wooster Street Social Club Crew!


Bootleg photos!

La vita è bella,

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