Metropolis Magazine's 2012 Game Changers Event

Last night, Big Ronnie worked his bartending skills (and I his lovely assistant), to help out our friend Kim Taylor, at Metropolis Magazine's 2012 Game Changer Celebration at the Design Within Reach Showroom in SoHo.  Settling into her new position as Director of Marketing at Metropolis, I knew this event was important for her & we were happy to help!  The list of distinguished awardees included heavy hitters in Design & Architecture - I was just honored to be a fly on the wall! 

Michael Maltzan: Architect, landscape designer, Skid Row, Inner City Projects
Michael Maltzan Architecture, Los Angeles

John Edelman: Retail executive, design impresario
Design Within Reach, Stamford, Connecticut

Vishaan Chakrabartl: Educator, urbanist, architect CURE (LoLo Manhattan)
Columbia University, New York City

Katie Salen: Game designer, educator, author-digital media/collaborative, inquiry-based learning
CICS ChicagoQuest, Quest to Learn, Chicago/New York City

Peter Bllak:Typographer at Typotheque, Indian Type Foundry

The Hague, Netherlands
Ruth Finklestein: Planner, anthropologist
New York Academy of Medicine, New York City

Tim Duggan: Landscape architect - Eco playgrounds
Make It Right, New Orleans

Laura Kurgan & Sarah Williams: Educators, information designers, data repurposers
SIDL Columbia University, New York City

Rob Kalln: Web entrepreneur, founder/former CEO of Etsy
Parachutes, Hudson, New York

Mirko Zardini: Curator, architect, editor
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, Quebec

Mia Birk: bike-friendly Planner
Alta Planning + Design, Portland, Oregon

Karlsson Vodka, Brooklyn Brewery and Defesa Wines sponsored and donated the liquid supplies for the evening.  I thought it would be fun to share the 2 signature drink recipes that Tom Michaelsen, from Karlsson taught us to make for the evening.  They were both big hits with everyone!  Did I do a good job dressin' the table?

Tom schoolin' Ronnie on all things Karlsson

Swedish Mule

Pour Karlsson’s Gold over ice. Add Ginger beer and a dash of bitter. Garnish with lime.

Black Gold

Simply pour Karlsson’s Gold Vodka over ice and add fresh-cracked black pepper. People will ask what you are doing. Some will understand.

 LOVE this chandelier!

Making sure all of the final touches are in place!

And the guests are starting to arrive...

Who's Who on the Design Scene


The showroom was so packed, they were turning away people at the door.  Ronnie & I even walked away with some tip $ in our pockets!  It was a really fun event for us to be a part of & to meet some of the innovators of design and architecture.  And being around such beautiful furniture all night long has definitely put a shopping bug in me - watch out! 

For the rest of the photos from the event check out Metropolis Mag's Flickr page.

*BONUS* My favorite item from the gift bag - Salty Road Taffy!

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