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A day in the life of a NYC Office Fashionista

Don't worry, this isn't turning into a fashion blog, but I gotta talk about today's fashion news.  I live in NYC for goodness sake! 

The buzz over High/Low-end collabos has come full circle for me.  It was an innovative endeavor in the beginning, I remember Stella McCartney's line for H&M in the Fall of 2005 - and the souvenirs I still have.  It had the excitement of a record release, with stories to write home about, and tell your friend's over drinks for weeks.  Designers were becoming more like celebrities and rock stars - this was the boost the fashion industry needed! 

Sharing her iconic name, it's been fun collecting pieces over the years - and she continues doing more affordable collaboration lines (adidas, Target and GapKids).  My novice mistake back then, was walking in on my lunch break. It looked like the place was robbed, literally. I did however buy some STELLA T-shirts. I bought 2 for me, and 1 for my sister & mom. I think Baby Stella also got the STELLA key chain outta the deal. That was all that was left on the shelves by NOON.

This fad and all of the hysteria that goes along with it has worn off over the years (especially after the Target/Missoni debacle), until the announcement of Marni's line for H&M.  This was another Italian designer I have adored for years, lots of bold colors and patterns!  I was ready to fight the crowds again...

Today H&M has also learned its lesson, after many trials and tribulations - or at least what I had thought.  They have orchestrated the most organized confusion I have even seen in a retail store and with the amount of angry people I saw, it didn't look to be successful.  I walked up to the front of the line early this morning before work.  I was given a teal wrist band, and told to come back at 1:05 - for my allotted shopping time.   This was the detailed shopping times posted for each group of colored wrist bands:

Looks like they had everything planned out right?  You would be limited to 2 items of each piece per person, so I felt I had a good chance to walk away with a patterned top, necklace or bangle bracelet.  When I  arrived a bit before, there were a flock of fashionistas with teal wrist bands as well.  I could feel the anxiety in the air.  They announced via mega-phone that we were the last group able to purchase exclusive Marni pieces, and many of the women's items were already gone.  Basically "You will all be fighting in 5 minutes - so please don't kill each other". 

Employee Marni T-Styles 

Well, I was in the front of the line, and when they finally let us into the sectioned off area...all that was left was this wierdo bathing suit, a few pairs of hot pink shorts, a random sparkly top and a stack of uni-sex t-shirts.

After trying this item on, they wouldn't let me back into the exclusive shopping area, so I snapped this Instagram shot over the security guard's shoulder.  This woman's expression pretty much sums up the general feeling inside.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

Don't be fooled by the racks of clothes, the Marni men's line was barely touched.  I walked away from this disappointing experience with the same souvenir from 2005 - a f*ckin T-shirt.  But the lady at the register was sweet enough to let me snag the clothes hanger too! 


Everyone loves a good sale, or getting something for a bargain - but I think this high/low end collabo has run its course.  It's great advertising for the labels, but they never wanted to see average people wearing their pieces anyway, right?   Are the people buying at this price point going to love the item so much that they break the bank for the real thing next time?  I doubt it. 

In an ideal world, we want to walk into a store and there is each item in your size and color - but for that kind of service and availability of Marni, you better just go to this location instead.

Today makes me think of this, but then I think of this - and I'm reminded that I'm happy with what I have. 

La vita è bella,

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