Twitter Love from @Megan_Massacre

Last night TLC aired the season finale of NY Ink.  It was quite a ride, and I'm proud to say I was a small part of it.  I saw a notice from the network that Megan Massacre would be chatting live and answering questions during the hour-long show via twitter.  I think each of the artist's did some thing similar, and I'm sure there are super fans that get a kick outta being responded to directly. 

Of course seeing this tweet warmed my heart & am so happy to see that she fell in love with Lefty as much as everyone else that has come in contact with her! Thank you Megan - for giving me this lifelong gift that I will cherish always, and thank you for putting all of your wonderful talent into it!

The final episode last night had its up & downs. But, so did the entire season. The drama could have been left at the door, but the stories that were told were the best ever. A diverse collection of interesting NY'ers and the stories of their life journeys - strong men and women of all shapes and sizes.   I definitely shed a tear on more than one occasion!  The highlight for me on last night's season finale had to be Sadat X from the legendary Brand Nubians, getting tattoo'ed by Chris Torres.  The words a person speaks while they are getting tattoo'ed can be so profound.  He spoke straight from the heart, and his one true love is Hip-Hop. 

Thank you again - Megan Massacre, Ami James, and the entire Wooster Street Social Club Crew.  Despite the criticism, history has been made.  An alternative form of art has gained more attention, and more open dialogue about the culture and industry.  Congratulations!

La vita è bella,

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