Bargain Find: Target Bed Sheets

In my last post, I brought up our decision to keep my old full-sized bed frame last summer - in order to save room in the new loft.  After spending my 20's sleeping on basically whatever surface I could make available, I dream of the days when Ronnie & I have a big, romantic king sized bed.  I could finally start investing in high thread count sheets, and European shams that take up unnecessary amounts of room.  A grand headboard that reaches to the ceiling, or maybe a four post bed - like this one from Crate & Barrel.  Luxurious sleep is what I'm after here.  In the meantime, I am keeping the sleeping cost low (but always stylish), in hopes of not needing these full sizes in the near future.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe...

During the move I threw out a few old sets, and recently 2 other fitted sheets worn so thin, they were about to tear.  I like to change the bedsheets once a week (every other depending), so it's just a matter of time.  Amidst my many varieties of anal & organized, matchy-matchy, mix it up styles... another Erica's Essentials is insisting on bedsheets, duvets and linens being inter-changeable.  Yes, so when I open my linen closet there is a shelf of clean, folded linens that screams - "we all look good together" (for my own personal enjoyment), and also because I LOVE to mix it up for variety.  It's that really important spice that we all need.  I plan to do an entire post devoted to sheet set watch out!

Now for the bargain.  We all know that Target is a great place for the budget conscious home, fun and modern gift wrapping solutions, and Holiday decorations that always make me squeal!  It's also the place where I go with one item in mind, and end up buying something extra along the way.

Target's Room Essentials Sheet set in Yellow Leaf was total eye candy as soon as I turned the corner to the bed sheet aisle.  I saw it from far away & had to take a closer look.  Isn't it just an adorable & simple print?  It also compliments my Jonathan Adler set to a T

Priced at $22.99, and only 225 thread count, it might not be every one's cup of tea, but just think how it could brighten up a guest bedroom or kid's room!  This print is also available in the same line and price, and compliments the leafs just as well.  Here's how I like to show off my HIGH/LOW mash-up!  Jonathan Adler meets Target - LOVE!

For more on mattress sizes check out: The Sleep Judge 

La vita è bella,

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