MMM: April 18th - Happy 1st Birthday, Violeta!

Last Wednesday we celebrated a big milestone: Violeta's first birthday! Of course when the big day came (well, more like the night before), Eduardo and I sat around and talked about the day she was born. I like to think about that from time to time in my personal thoughts, but it was nice to talk about it out loud. Of course I could tell her birth story right now for all of you, but I won't. To me it's tacky when mothers automatically assume other people are interested in hearing all about the birth of their children. For one, besides you and your closest friends/family, most people aren't really that interested in the details. It's also a very intimate time and honestly, some things should remain personal.  I will say however, as a side note, that Eduardo and I did something that about 5% of the population do now: wait to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. I share this detail with all of you because it does make the story different than most, and because I strongly recommend anyone who is having a baby to wait to find out. Truly there is no better surprise for everyone.

After having been a mother for one year now, I could talk about how I've changed or what I've learned. But that's a story for another time (isn't Mother's Day coming up soon?)  Instead I will dedicate this to the little girl who's changed our lives. This is all about Violeta.

April 18, 2011: Violeta is born
July 2011: At the beach in Santander, Spain

Sept 2011: An afternoon in Retiro Park, Madrid
Oct 2011: Eating food for the first time
Nov 2011: Getting a percussion lesson from Papá

Dec 2011: First Christmas in NY (with Lucy)

Feb 2012: Little wizard

April 18, 2012: Birthday girl!

Anyone who has kids says that the first year is really the most amazing for many reasons. Babies change so much physically and intellectually, as they learn to do so many new things. As I wrote in a letter to Violeta before she was born, "We look forward to watching you grow and being your parents. I hope one day you realize how you've filled our hearts with love and how you've completed our lives."

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