MMM: Generations of Ladies

As you loyal StellaBella readers may remember, my last post was dedicated to Fathers. This week I'm moving on to another family member...Grandmothers! I myself have fond memories of my grandmother who passed away 8 years ago. She was an important part of my life and still is in a clairvoyant kind of way. Even though she never got to see me with my own daughter, I feel like she was there, especially with some of the little coincidences with dates. My due date with Violeta was April 6th, the anniversary of my grandmother's death. I gave birth to Violeta in a hospital called, "Hospital 12 de Octubre", which was my grandmother's birthday. Although some of these memories cause saddness, it's also very special in that this is the cycle of life. As some family members leave us, others are born, and then our own mothers become grandmothers and so on.

These past ten days my mother was here visiting us from New York. She usually comes for Semana Santa (Holy Week) every year, and we often take a little trip somewhere. This year we decided to go south, destination...Granada, Úbeda, Baeza, and Cazorla. The first two days of her trip we enjoyed an abundance of sunshine, as we normally do in Madrid. Therefore, we spent most our free time walking in El Parque Madrid Río.

Hanging out at home after a day in the park

On the Monday of Holy Week we headed down to Granada, which is about 4 hours away by car. When we got there, we had lunch, took a little siesta and then got ready to tour the Alhambra. As we were walking up the steep hill to reach our destination, the rain began to fall. Amazing how it hadn´t rained in most of the country for months on end, and it decided to shower the minute we got there. That's how it goes I guess. Despite the on and off rain, we managed to make it through and see everything we wanted.

Three generations of ladies: Nicole, Violeta, & Dorothy

The rest of the trip remained the same, rain that would come and go all day. We're not ones to let the weather get in the way of our plans, so we still got out and were able to walk in Úbeda & Baeza. However, the last day we left early because the rain was coming down too hard to go to Cazorla, which is a national park. Maybe next time.

When we got back to Madrid we still experienced bad weather, but didn't complain too much since we've been long awaiting some rain. Finally the heavens opened on Easter Sunday and we were able to get out and spend the morning in El Parque del Manzanares, followed by a long afternoon of sampling tapas and drinking cañas.

In the olive tree

 So for all of you out there who have a grandmother, spend time with them. They are like second mothers who hold a special place in the heart.

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