StellaBella By City: Orlando, FL (Dolphin Hotel & Resort)

I had a lot of fun putting together the photos of the items in my suitcase & quick StellaBella travel post before my trip to Orlando, FL last week - I thought I'd share the fashion shots from our trip!


Anchors Away!  I am absolutely IN LOVE with this throw-back navy blue bathing suit from J. Crew, although i decided to wear it sans belt.  The little white anchors are adorable, and the fit is just perfect on my curvy figure, (which is not true of most J. Crew pants).  I don't think I have ever spent over $100 on a bathing suit before, and this one is priced at $115 - but at the end of the day it was worth it.  With some figures, the cheaper suits work just fine.  But as I get older, I'm realizing that a bathing suit with more structure to it, is the way to go!

I picked up this tangerine shift dress on the sale rack at Anthropologie a month ago, as well as the faux turquoise necklace.   Although I attach links to the website, I still love real rack shopping.  You never know what you may find at Anthro - people return things from seasons before, or on-line items that sold out quickly.  This was a bold choice, even for me - but like everyone else this year, I have been biten by the Orange Crush bug! 

While I was at Anthropologie, I also picked up these 3 charms for my hot pink J. Crew chain.  I picked them each very strategically - the anchor, an ode to my new bathing suit, the yellow turtle complimenting the hot pink chain and reminder of our Florida trip, and the #2.  I picked the #2 because at the end of our first plane flight together, Ronnie and I would be celebrating our 2 year Anniversary!

I wore this necklace as much as I could while we were in Orlando, and throughout the weekend back home in Brooklyn.  Happy Anniversary Ronnie - I love you more and more everyday!

La vita è bella,

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