Wednesday Food: Terra Cotta Pasta Company

Weather is such a funny thing.  I'm writing this post about a sunny, warm weather day at a local park, but now there is snow on the ground.  And by the time this post goes up, it could be back to sunny warm weather again.  You just never know!

Weather isn't really what I want to talk about anyways.  I want to get the name Terra Cotta Pasta Company (TCPC) in your brain and make your mouth drool for their delicious homemade food!  It took me a little while to indulge in their pastas but there is no going back.  Of course, unless I decide to make my own!  But pasta isn't what this store is all about.  There is so much more.

TCPC has three locations, but we are lucky enough to have one very close to us in South Portland and Whole Foods Market carries some of their items.  But going to their store in South Portland is a great experience to see all the great work that they do.  Its like having a whole market in a tiny space complete with wines, cheeses, bread (from Standard Baking Company!), pastas, sauces, sandwiches, wraps, soups, antipastos and even desserts!  They even do meals-to-go and have a catering service as well.
 One day last year, we stopped into their store to get our meals for the day.  We had a busy day of lounging at the beach and were just too tired to make a meal!  So Eric and I split a Spinach and Feta Stromboli for lunch and some fresh pasta and sauce for dinner. Yummy!  And I knew it was going to be a place I wanted to come back to! 

Made fresh daily!
Just recently, we had some outrageously unseasonable weather.  So amid appointments and the general running around that we have to do on our weekends, we wanted to have a picnic Fort Williams and enjoy the sunshine.  And it just so happens that TCPC is on the way there! 

Once we got inside, we figured we might as well do it up and get everything we needed for the day.  For our picnic it would be their Chicken Parmesan Sandwich (which they offered to grill for us, thank you guys!) and a couple of San Pellegrino sodas.  The sandwiches were great!  Chicken with Parmesan cheese, prosciutto and alittle pesto!  Here's to a great picnic!

A little windy down on the water, but still pretty gorgeous for March!
 For dinner we picked up a fresh baguette, smoked gouda, a bottle of wine, fresh linguini and some Bolognese sauce for a relaxing dinner at home!

When you can't make dinner yourself, make sure whoever is knows what they are doing! Thanks to the great people at Terra Cotta Pasta Company for making such great food that is strategically placed on the way to the beach!  You will come in very handy this summer!

And remember, when the kitchen gets too hot get back in there and keep cooking!  See ya next week, when I'll actually be back in the kitchen!


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