MMM: Cantacuentos: "The Polyglots"

The nice thing about living in a city is that there is always something going on for all ages and all interests. A big trend these days seems to be story telling, or cuentacuentos as they call it in Spain. Basically an actor or actors tell a story, which is usually based on a book.  They use props and interact with the audience, giving it a theatrical feel. I haven't taken Violeta to one yet because they require an attention span that she just doesn't have right now. Plus at this stage in her life I don't think she'd find it all that interesting.

A few weeks ago a friend told me about a free event to be held on April 28 that sounded interesting. It was a variation of a cuentacuentos, geared towards English language learners. How could I turn down something free (and in English)? I didn't know what to expect in terms of it being age appropriate, but I figured there would be no loss to just check it out.  The plan was to meet a few friends there who also have kids under 2 years old.. We also took along our 3-year old niece Vega thinking she'd probably be more into it than Violeta.

"The Polyglots" are a group of four Spanish actors who sing, dance, and teach basic English language content (numbers, animals, colors, etc). They each take on a character or persona and interact with the audience as well as with other puppets on stage.Unlike the cuentacuentos, they use a lot of music, hence I call it cantacuentos.

Although it wasn't an amazing performance by any means (the intentional bad accent by the character "Correcto" was a little ridiculous, not to mention the actual English dialogue was next to nothing), there were many aspects of the show that I did like. For one, Violeta seemed to be entertained by all the music, videos, and lights. There was constant movement which proved to be stimulating. The show only lasted 30 minutes, which I thought was a good length of time. Also, the actors chose some of the kids to dance with them at the end of the show. Of course Vega was up front and center, dancing with kids twice her size.

It was a memorable afternoon and I hope to take the girls to more events like this in the future.

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