Look What I Found: Target Revisited

I had the afternoon off today, and I was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!  I had a bunch of errands to run; nail salon, lunch at a local neighborhood spot, Smooch Cafe (I recommend The Sultry Sandwich), and of course, Target was also on the list. I absolutely love the clearance sections at the end of each aisle, and I always check it out if I have time.  Just LOOK what I found today! 

Peel & Stick Wall Pops! Geo Circle Dots by my design guru, Jonathan Adler.  Don't they reflect the current celestial Santorini line?  Originally priced at $17.99, I never saw this 4 pack of adhesive wall decor before today, nor do I know about a JA/Target deal - but I couldn't pass them up after getting marked down to $4.56!

I wasn't even sure where I would use them, but I had to bring them home.  Let me tell you, it sure didn't take me long to decide on the perfect place.  The 4 panels of our plain white wardrobe (from the Loft B&A story), could use some dressing!  I pulled out the tape measure, and smoothed each medallion out starting from the center - it was so quick and easy!  And if Ronnie gets home this evening and doesn't like the look... well, I can take them off with no marks to the doors, and it was only a $5 loss.  But I have a feeling he will like them!

Wishing everyone a great weather weekend from Fort Greene!

UPDATE:  8:17pm - Ronnie loved the decals, looks like they will stay for awhile! 

La vita è bella,

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