EXTRA EXTRA! Design*Sponge Newspaper 2012

Although last year, all I had to do was walk into a local Park Slope merchant to find my copy of the first ever Design*Sponge newspaper....this year, Grace's passion project is being exclusively sold for $5 (in-store only), by a favorite of mine: Anthropologie

Side note:  For all of you that don't know this, I worked at the SoHo Anthropologie location, after college for a few years.  I was fortunate enough to learn visual merchandising and marketing, sale velocity, and floor placement.  After time, I was responsible for archiving all items that showed up in catalogs, magazines and press releases.  I learned so much & met some of the best and most creative people ever!  Although I don't have the employee discount anymore, I still support the company by shopping there to the point of obsession. 

I tucked the first newspaper away in the jacket of Grace's first book Design*Sponge at Home, because it seemed the appropriate keep-safe spot.  And when I saw the announcement and where they would be sold this summer...well all I had to do was go downstairs to my Rockefeller Center Anthropologie location.  New York City is obnoxiously convenient. 

If you would like your very own copy of the 32 page Design*Sponge Summer Camp newspaper edition, just stop by your local Anthropologie.  Or, if you are not near a location, you can order your very own copy here.

Somewhere around '04, frantically interviewing potential roommates in my living room, after being complimented on my design aesthetic - I was asked if I knew about Grace Bonney.  At the time I didn't, but I quickly made myself familiar with her & I have completely enjoyed watching the continuous growth of this tiny little idea, from this tiny little lady!  And we all remember this mash-up, right? 

After a brief glance through this afternoon, my highlight is the homage to the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, how every section was organized by badge, and the Scavenger Checklist (Ocean and Forrest).  I mean, the best DIY projects come from nature, ya'll!  Not only are these original illustrations by Kim Krans adorably warm and accurate, but the suggestions accompanying each are completely appropriate and educational for a child any age!  Did you know there are 18 different varieties of edible mussels?  I wonder how many are not?

So pick up your copy today & who knows where will see it next summer! Stay cool -

La vita è bella,

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