What's in My Suitcase: The Hamptons, NY

2 weeks ago, Ronnie & I packed our bags and got out of dodge!  We headed out to the end of Long Island to visit with great friends, be gracious house guests, and celebrate the 4th of July!  Since I had a theme going on with my trip to Orlando, FL a few months back, I thought I would give you all a little something on this New Yorker's local posh & preppy trip too!

This was my stack of cotton t's, tanks, sarongs, flowy skirts, and anchor prints that would get me through the week.  Light fabrics of blues, whites, and pops of orange. I've always believed that if you pack with a cohesive theme, it is easier to match things up at the last minute, when you don't want to worry about what you WISH you packed.  I try to avoid that feeling at all costs!  Of course, I always bring a few too many items, but I have gotten much better over the years.  Because I had an extra package to carry with me on the LIRR, I fit everything into my two vintage bags; the Gucci Doctor bag, and the Dior duffle.  I always felt if I couldn't afford these kind of pieces brand new; i'd rather buy vintage than knock-off.  Right?  Yes, it took a little searching, and patience (the Gucci was won though a silent auction), but I always love a good reason to pull them out - and a trip to the Hamptons is definitely one of them.

The other point of talking about my suitcase, is to show what I also carried with me.  I had to pack lightly in order to carry my house guest basket!  In my past, I have been invited to some of the most beautiful places by wonderful friends, and have had so many opportunities to visit wonderful places because of their kindness; I always try to be as gracious of a guest as possible.  This time I wanted to make sure we brought Brooklyn along with us!

House Guest Basket from Brooklyn:

Ronnie & I had so much fun the weekend before our trip, walking around to our local spots and deciding what goodies to put to in the basket.  The 2 for 1 bunch of fresh lavender was my own addition, (from one girl to another) and Ronnie insisted that we have something "top shelve" to add to the gift.  We enjoyed the shortbread cookies throughout the week, and everyone wished we had doubled our order!

I thought I would throw in a few pictures of my half of the lavender that I used throughout the loft.  They smell amazing, and last so long!  I'm thinking about a sachet project using all of the canvas jewelry pouches I save (more to come on that).  As I post this last photo I think, a few more purple books, and I will have a whole section in the Colored-Out Library!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and  getting away from in front of the computer (after reading StellaBella of course)!

Stay Cool and always...

La vita è bella,

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