Wednesday Food: Summer BBQ Part 1

It certainly isn't too early to grill now!  This week Eric and I gathered with some friends to have  good 'ol summer outdoor BBQ at Fort Williams (AKA Portland Headlight).  And as promised on Facebook we have included a new summer drink courtesy of our friend Katie who we challenged to come up with a refreshing rum drink to enjoy for our outing.

You may remember Katie from our last grilling blog...

[caption id="attachment_756" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Katie, left with her fiance Amber & their sweet puppy Zu'l"][/caption]

She's a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute and is in training at her restaurant to be a manager.  In her training process, she's has to work a few bartender shifts, which set her mixologist flame afire!  So naturally it seemed only fitting to have her come up with a refreshing summer beverage for us to sip on. So here goes...

Summer Sipper

  • 4 parts Earl Grey Tea

  • 3 parts Malibu Rum

  • 2 parts Apple Juice

  • 1 part Castillo Silver Rum

  • Splashes of lemon and lime juice, along with lemon wedges to garnish

  • Splash of grenadine and crushed fresh raspberries

Not much of a method to this one.  Brew your tea and chill it.  Add in your rums and juices.  Being that we were at a picnic, they made this in a plastic pitcher to bring along to the party.

I was surprised when she said there was Earl Grey tea in it, but it was a very refreshing beverage.  A little tropical with the Malibu, a little fruity with the juices - and then it all brings you back down to earth with the tea. Yum Yum Yum!

But let's not forget the summer beverage of choice is always water!  Stay hydrated, and don't get too drunk in the summer sun!  That would a hangover I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Until next week when we continue on with the summer BBQ - Stay tuned!


-Rachel (AKA BabyStella)




  1. Hey BabyStella, I'm not an Earl Grey fan. Is the tea taste strong? Can you or Katie suggest an alternative for less refined palates?

  2. I think the Earl Grey was pretty mellow in this drink. If you brew it strong obviously it will have more flavor, but your putting so much other stuff in it that it will all blend. You could use just regular iced tea or a fruitier tea.


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