Wednesday Food: Cookies and Pretzels

Happy New Year & Welcome 2013 -
Oh, when the snow starts flying and the cold weather blows in, I feel the need to bake cookies. Good 'ole chocolate chip cookies!  I usually get that cookie baking feeling when I'm sent home on a snow day from work, but hey, any winter day will really do, right?

I'm a strict Tollhouse cookie person.  It could be that I grew up with that recipe, but I feel like it always tastes best.  But, by all means, if anybody out there has a better recipe, go forth and enjoy your cookies!  If you need any cookie making tips, you can always goes back into the archives: Wednesday Food.

But there is also another tradition that comes around the holidays for me.  Every Christmas, my Grandma Stella sends us a tub of delicious, crunchy pretzels from Tom Sturgis in Pennsylvania.  Every year I look forward to getting these tasty snacks!  They are salted just enough and they are baked a bit darker than normal, so they have a slightly burnt taste to them.  I don't get to see my Grandma as much as I'd like anymore, but when I do I always let her know how much I love these pretzels!

Me, Grandma Stella & Eric (May 2011)

So why not combine these two traditions?  Take your cookie dough, wrap it all around the pretzel and bake - Ta Da!  Super Special cookie!  I'm sure someone has done this before, but I got so excited when I thought of it.  Especially because I love salty and sweet!  I'm betting this could work well in a peanut butter cookie too...MMMmmm!


A yummy twist on chocolate chip cookies!  What would you add to a cookie to make it different and tasty?

-Rachel (AKA BabyStella)

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