Metropolis Mag’s 2013 Game Changers Event

Hey Stella Bella Fans -

It has been a while.  The site needed a clean up and inevitable upgrade, and in the meantime Baby Stella and myself are both in the middle of moves.  All for the best - onward & upward, but still - we needed a blog hiatus.   I plan on writing about my new home in Bay Ridge this year, and I can't wait to get started, but first I wanted to share my latest photography experience with you!

If you remember, around this time last year, Ronnie & I worked Metropolis Magazine’s 2012 Game Changers Event at DWR in SoHo.  We had a blast while serving the guests, and were happy to represent the Magazine.  When the time came around again, I wasn't sure if I would have time - with my new job and in the midst of boxes, packaging tape and address changes.  Instead of being asked to stand behind the bar this year, I was asked to be the photographer of the event!  After shooting the State of Design Lecture last Spring, Kim Taylor asked if I could do her a last minute favor.  It was a good thing I was available (a rarity lately), and was happy to oblige!

This year, Metropolis Magazine honored its annual Game Changers at the Axor showroom in New York’s Meatpacking District.  The awards were given in the areas of architecture, advocacy, history, patronage, planning and research.  The actual awards presented at the ceremony were designed, manufactured, and graciously donated by digital fabricators, Tietz-Baccon, based out of Long Island City, Queens.  Read more on these special laser-cut trophies here

The entire set was published on Metropolis Magazine's site, and flickr page.  Design Calendar did a post on the event, and also gave me photo credit (Thanks Sevan!!)  With over 100 shots, I thought I would just add a few favorites below in our new gallery format.  March is right around the corner people, and this is only my 2nd post of the year?  I got some writing to do!

La vita è bella,

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