Wednesday Food: Flu Seaon Quickie!

Hello Flu Season - although I hope some of you are saying goodbye to the flu at this point.  Apparently this year has been pretty harsh on the general population.  Other than the usual tips of washing your hands and staying home from work when your sick, I have another tip for you.

This post was meant to be up a couple of weeks ago, but technical difficulties happen, and now we are up and running again!  And with a new theme, that will now allow us to have a slideshow across the top - separate from the posts.

Onto my Quickie Flu Tip -

Personally, I am a daily orange juice drinker.  My day just hasn't started unless I have some OJ.  But especially in the winter months, Eric and I like to joke that we strive to make our bodies so acidic that no germ could possibly survive in us.  And I can't say that we are sickness free, but we do get pretty close.  We took advice from a former co-worker of Eric's who had a traditional Haitian remedy for the cold.  Eating a grapefruit topped with honey.  The acidity of the grapefruit kills the germs and the honey soothes your irritated throat.  And if you are a fan of some of the artisan honey's out there this idea must sound pretty tasty!

Also, after I finish eating the grapefruit, I squeeze out the remaining pulp and juice into the rest of my morning OJ.  I never want to let all the vitamin C go to waste!

Even though the flu epidemic is in a calmer phase, this trick can help with your everyday common cold that happen in the winter time.  Stay healthy everybody and I'll see you next time!

-Rachel (AKA BabyStella)

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