Move to Bay Ridge: Color is Key

Well, here we are at the end of March - does it feel like a lamb yet?  I have had some much needed time to rest, reflect and relax after 2 big life transitions, a new job and another new (but hopefully more permanent), home.  I also stepped back from the blog, and in starting to talk about the next chapter of my life - my mid-30's - through this electronic medium (as it continues to be forever evolving and changing), I thought my 1st topic should be about the basics.  Benjamin Moore basics, that is.

I am now taking my time filling our new home in Bay Ridge with the right pieces, so as to not rush anything.  But I did rush to paint the walls - the right color palette is always an important, first decision.

The paint chip section of your local hardware store can be overwhelming, if you don't have an exact idea in mind.  Before even thinking about color - understand that purchasing better quality paint means less work!  The higher quality paints, like Benjamin Moore or Janovic require less coats, and in the end saves you a pretty penny.  After you've plopped yourself in front of the right rainbow of paint chips - my basic tip would be to chose two colors on the same strip, on opposite ends (for contrast).  Trying to mix and match monochromatic colors otherwise is just asking for trouble.

I had 3 rooms to decide on: the Living Room (front of house, lots of light), the Dining Room (largest, and in the middle of the space), and Kitchen.  The 4th room, the bedroom had been long decided - good ole Decorator's WHITE.  I chose 2 rich grey tones - the lighter for the front room, and the darker for the center of our home.  My vision was to create warmth in a formal room that will also be the center of our home life - I ended up with the daring and bold Gun Metal.  I knew this rich color would not only make our white wardrobe pop, but all the beautiful brown tones in the floor, would be more apparent with the cooler color on the wall.  I plan on posting some before & after photos soon, and it will be clear that the brown tones from the previous tenant did nothing to showcase the gorgeous wood flooring.

The Dining Room, Gun Metal.

For the front room, and where the tv would live - I knew we would hang our lucite shelving system and library.  That was a no-brainer, but it also comes with a whole lot of bright color!  This lighter shade of grey allows the colors to shine, while still contrasting the deeper shade of the adjacent dining room.  I added this lemon Martini side table from West Elm, to give the wall even more pop.  As you can see, Lefty is really making herself at home!

The Living Room, Silver Lake.

I almost kept the kitchen white, until thankfully Ronnie's sister suggested something warmer to match the cherry wood cabinets.  I came up with a beautiful taupe shade that not only matches the cherry wood, and dark slate counter top - but gives the whole home a cohesive, natural backdrop.  And with a darker color on the kitchen walls, maybe it will cover some of Big Ronnie's sloppy splatter -  he can really cook, but he is not clean about it!  Which is another reason to purchase the pricier paint - cheaper paint doesn't always stay put when you have to wipe down a mess.

The Kitchen, Ticonderoga Taupe.

I want to thank my model for this post, Lefty.  Although she was completely difficult getting this last shot in the kitchen - she is just too cute to be mad at for long!

La vita è bella,

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