Inspiration: Alisa Burke's Altered Driftwood Projects

Welcome to Fall '14 everyone, hopefully I will find the time for more than one post this season...

When I started StellaBella in '09, I found many different women who were doing wonderful things on Blogger.  They gave me inspiration, great ideas, and motivated me to keep putting down my thoughts.  Alisa Burke was one of these women.  Since I first started following, her blog (and her daughter), have grown so much!  She has since added books & dvds, online classes, tutorials, retreats, and an extensive shop of her creations.

When Pinterest came onto the scene, I reposted the photo below of Alisa's from her Altered Driftwood post from April '12, adding it on my Great Ideas board.  Since first posted, I have received so many email notifications that someone has re-posted this image, not to mention how many the original probably received.  As of this morning, my version has received 7 likes, and 56 re-pins!  I take this little bit of web-trafficking to mean, I am not the only one that wants to play with driftwood! 

I have done a few small wood wrapping projects since Big Ronnie & I moved to Bay Ridge.  And now that Fall has arrived, I might find some more pieces to add to my bedroom valance!  I always use materials that I already have around the house, so the following small projects that have decorated our Brooklyn home, were done basically for free.  Next stop: paint & marker them! 

 Last Thanksgiving, I used what I started as part of the Turkey tablescape!  Once the food came out, there wasn't much room, but I kept it out as long as I could. 

I plan to add more to the bedroom valance, pictured below.  It was time consuming, and a lot does not go a long way.  Still, I think even more color added above will be fun!  There is also a large piece in the corner of this bay window, pictured below with my model, Lefty.  It's just taking up the corner for now.  It was the first I wrapped, and then decided it would take up too much material to do the whole thing with string!  The great thing about these colorful pieces of nature, is that I can throw them out when I'm done, or try another project with them.  I might take some paint or markers to the big piece, or  the next twigs or driftwood I come across!

La vita è bella,

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