Big Ronnie & Street Art, Part 1

I knew my timing was right when I picked my camera back up again, because I have now found my muse!  An artist is never complete without that & maybe what I was missing in my 20's.  I remember looking at teenage photographs that my father took of my high school mom - when they were falling in love & he was the photo editor of their HS yearbook.  As I got older and looked back at these photos, I grew to understand what love looked like.  I could see the look in the muses' eye, and the intimacy of each photograph made me understand how much the artist cared about his subject. 

During the first few years of our wonderful courtship, I waited and waited for my love to behave similarly to my father, and snap a photo every time he was so inspired.  Ronnie is just not that guy. Instead of being frustrated by this, I understood it wasn't his way of expressing love, but that maybe it was for me.   Of course, I'm a woman and I love to be in front of the camera.  Especially when we are on vacation, or at an important event; but when it comes to the artistic eye - I'm the one to capture the moment. 

I take tons of photographs of Big Ronnie, but this is my first concentrated photo project.  I plan for it to grow, and publish a book one day.  My muse, Big Ronnie and street art/murals/graffiti.  Most are shot in our beloved city, but as we travel we get the opportunity to add different city flavor to the collection!  

Sometimes Ronnie is gazing off with his favorite cigar, and others he gives his dead on eye-to-lens stare.  He's a good sport, and will suffer for my craft.  With all of the seasonal changes in New York, he may be freezing his tushy off, or sweating under the humid heat of the summer sun!  

I look forward to adding to this collection for years to come, but here are just a few shots from the first 3 years...

I love seeing all of the color splashed across an urban environment.  It is ever changing, and I get excited every time we find a new piece!  Until next time - find your muse, be inspired, and live life to the fullest!

La vita è bella,

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