The Rug Really Tied The Room Together

I had a good feeling about moving back to Blogger early this year, and it seems to be proving me right.  For the 2nd time this Fall I was contacted by a company, asking me to contribute a post!  After writing a post for Modani modern furniture, I was contacted by the Community Manager at Chairishan exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture.  This website is really great, take some time to breeze through their items.  I hope this new trend continues!

I was sent a selection of beautiful vintage rugs to chose from, and from that style - create an inspiration board that would really, I mean really tie a room together!  This was the rug that spoke to me:
This was not the challenging part of the project.  I've made many inspiration boards over the years for different reasons (moving, client consultation, costume design, room inspiration, vacation ideas), they are the best way to put your ideas down, and when all of your ideas are visual - it's really the only way to organize them!  I still have folders filled with idea clippings, separated by categories.  When I add to them, it's in preparation for a visual board down the line.

But nowadays, we aren't cutting pictures out of magazines and catalogs anymore!  For the first time, I created my own digital inspiration board!  To many, this is not such an accomplishment.  But I am the second Erica to call herself "An Analog Girl in a Digital World", so this was huge. I put my big girl pants on, and figured it out.  I'm ready to take this blog to the next level.  After looking around at different free services and templates, and watching tons of instructional videos; I found Polyvore.  Here is my room inspired by the vintage rug provided by Chairish:

Rug Project

I wanted to surround this rug with a Bohemian Glamour vibe, emphasizing the warmth and simplicity of its design.  Of course, there are a few Jonathan Adler pieces.  Layering a luxe lair with leather, gold accents and hand-dyed tapestries feels fresh and new, but familiar and vintage.  This wool rug, gives me a warm cozy feel, while still keeping a crisp, simple modern design.
A rug can tie a room together visually, weaving together a color and texture palate. 
The right rug adds delicious color, protects hardwood floors or hides a rental’s not-so-nice carpet. A rug can define or separate areas, such as spaces for seating or dining.  For this room in particular, I would place it front and center, with the kidney side table on it's corner.  

Tell me what you think Readers!!!  I want your feedback - check out my new profile on Polyvore & connect with me.  I'm going to get back to playing with my new tool.  Please check out the amazing vintage finds on Chairish, and not only rugs!  I have so many new ideas for future posts - Have a safe Halloween everyone!  

La vita è bella,

Some products featured in this post:

Robert Abbey floor lamp

Leather sofa

Jonathan Adler

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