Working on a TV Pilot

My intention in starting this blog in '09, had everything to do with how unhappy/creatively stifled I was in my industry at that time, and how I looked for motivation to be inspired toward a new career path.  After college, I was working for a great company, that did GREAT things - but never the path I intended for myself.  I felt satisfaction in my accomplishments and promotions over the years, but I wasn't in the right place.

At StellaBella's inception (and when I fell in love with Big Ronnie), I had worked for 10 years in non profit management at The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  While I continued to write blog posts in my spare time, my job search led me to a position at a new company that was moving to NYC.  Everyone (including myself), felt it was an exciting challenge, and the right decision.

Within a little more than a year of getting settled in, the Board of Directors decided to dissolve my new foundation, and go in another direction with its funds.  I would be out of a job by the beginning of 2014.  Yup. While my panic and anxiety welled up inside me regarding our financial security and my own career path, I was about to face a challenge I had always feared - unemployment.

In attempts to ease my pain; my amazing friend Dave, entertainment accountant extraordinaire, offered me a 6 week gig as his Accounting Clerk for Warner Brother's newest pilot, Dead Boss.  The 1/2 hour comedy, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld would be filmed partially on location, and at Silvercup Studios - which is where the offices were located.  Of course, I accepted!  Whew! - that would give me more time before I faced sitting at home, job hunting in my pajamas for a little longer AND what an amazing experience to see a tv show from behind the scenes! Would this be a new path for StellaBella?

The picture above and a few others are on the set of a comedy that will never be aired.  Dead Boss, starring Jane Krakowski, David Cross and Amy Sedaris was passed on a few months after we wrapped.  But all in all, I was very satisfied with my glimpse at how tv gets made!

Below is the lobby of Silvercup from the mezzanine, and the many banners around LIC, a neighborhood of NYC I was never very familiar with before.  In a time of transition, I found discovering a new part of my city & new train route, just what the Dr. ordered! It is very easy to make this city feel brand new again.

So here it is, my proof of employment I made myself!  Along with a folder for every person involved in any small way on just the pilot - just 30 minutes of one show.  So much filing!  It was super surprising to me how much paperwork goes into it, and how many people it took.  It really requires positive energy and focus from everyone involved in order for things to go smoothly. 

Accountants On Set!  Dave, Missy and I played around before the actors arrived one morning. The plot involves the main character being framed for murder of her boss, and she ends up at a women's prison where she tries to fight her case. And what a bright and cheerful women's prison this is, right?!?!

As the end of Winter was shaking itself off, these cement hallways were freezing cold!  But despite the temperature, this was when my adventure began!   Going from one office location to another, I ran into Lena Dunham, Rachel Dratch, and Steve Schirripa!

I saw Patricia Field sitting in her office eating a sandwich one day.  As I walked by her with an armful of paperwork, I smiled ear-to-ear.  Her store Hotel Venus; originally located on 8th Street, later on West Broadway, now on the Bowery - was a great source of pieces when I was first living in NYC.  But more importantly, she was everything behind the fashion of Sex and the City.  The moment in time captured by SATC; the show, the movie, the fashion, the comedy - all of it - is beyond influential in my day to day life.  It was everything to us then, and I will always remember how happy it made us feel at a tough time.  I think "WWCD?" in most fashion queries, and relate most NYC moments to similar situations "the girls" experienced.

This poster was in the hallway, along with a Private Parts movie poster nearby!

Although I decided after my experience, that this wasn't the line of work I was ready to get involved in - I had a great time helping out.  The accounting department is involved with every single department, so you definitely get to see all moving pieces of a production.

I'm not sure where the next road will lead, if this blog will be a part of that or I will just continue to document along the way - but I know that writing it down helps.  It helps a lot.  

 Stay tuned to find out what journey I take on next - I'm along for the ride too!

La vita è bella,

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