StellaBella 2014: A Year in Review

As I sit here reflecting on 2014, I could easily focus on the hardships.  It has been what seems like a string of years of transition for me professionally.  And with those transitions; I've learned what I do not want to do, I've grown more patient, and most importantly - I've figured out what is really important.  2014 wasn't about professional development, it was about friends & family, personal growth, and prioritizing happiness!

January 2014

I started the year of posts with a creative way to display a black & white family photo from Christmas a few years back. Washi tape is a fun way to decorate just about anything, and for this project it's a temporary frame for this print, which was left with a large white trim.

In my 20's, I spent most of my free time and extra money on concerts!  Small venues are my favorite, but I've had great opportunities to see a lot of different types of live music.  At the time, it was my new favorite thing to photograph, capturing performing moments of my favorite artists.

I  kicked off 2014 by seeing one of the greats on his birthday, (Jan 16) Slick Rick the Ruler.  Q-Tip brought out a cake, everyone sang Happy Birthday; and my friend Lisa, Big Ronnie & I had a blast at Brooklyn Bowl.

February 2014

Although it wasn't peak season for wine tasting and visiting the vineyards, I took the opportunity to travel with Big Ronnie to Napa Valley, for a conference he was attending.  Love was in the air with Valentine's Day right around the corner, and we had a great time.  Our good friends, Terri & Alice drove up from LA to visit. They were celebrating the sweetheart holiday as well, and shared with us their excitement that they would be exchanging vows over the summer, and asked if I would be a Bridesmaid!

I added to my Erica's Essential Series in February by sharing my obsession for sneakers, and most recently the platform - best designed by Nike with the Sky Hi Dunks.

March 2014

As my last month of working for the Ellison Medical Foundation wrapped up, I was terrified at what was ahead.  I wish I could say I was more excited by the situation.  My friend Dave had an opportunity for me to help out on a TV pilot for Warner Brothers for 6 weeks.  I was happy to delay the job hunt, and work/learn about all of the behind-the-scenes production, and I loved it!

Lisa and I went back to Brooklyn Bowl, for my 2nd concert of the year, Talib Kweli.   DMC from Run-D.M.C. came out to do Walk This Way, and it was everything.

April 2014

Big Ronnie and I celebrate our Anniversary on April 16th.  It was a memorable day for us, and we cuddled up at a chilly Yankee home game that night.  This year, there was a make-up day game on the 16th, and we both were able to go.  We got cheap seats at the gate with the bleacher creatures!

May 2014

The Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale was in Midtown this year!  We tracked it down, and there was a red velvet rope near the entrance.  I wasn't impressed this year; the usual pieces, and an abundance of gift items.  I look forward to Annual event none-the less!

I was inspired this year to pick up my camera more than ever, and capture the beauty around me as much as possible.  The beautiful Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is home to the Millennium Skate Park for the skateboarders, BMXers, and rollerbladers.  Not only are there some great tags and artwork, but it's fun to take action shots of the kids that are there working out their tricks.

June 2014

I think a lot of people could agree that Facebook has been increasingly frustrating with different friends with conflicting political and social opinions expressing them openly on their timelines and new feeds.  One wonderful thing Facebook did for me this year, was bring together me and my childhood friend, Dyani.  Her family moved away when we were very young, and I didn't keep in touch.  After looking her up, it seems that her daughter shared our love for dance competitions, because she would be bringing her to NYC this Summer!  We had the opportunity to meet up for dinner, and catch up, I was so happy to see my friend after all of these years!

July 2014

Fellow StellaBella Teammate, Nicole & her beautiful daughter Violeta came to visit us in July also, and we were able to go back to our favorite place when she lived here - Coney Island!  We were also able to take an inaugural ride on the new roller coaster The Thunderbolt.

2 friends had baby showers this summer, Amy's & Laura.  Both had their beautiful baby boys in September, Jude & Lucas!

Another favorite lady here at StellaBella, Jessica Bartley got married!  It was a beautiful ceremony, and we were happy to be a part of the wonderful day - Congratulations again Jess & Dave!

My friend Lisa's Birthday Party started at my favorite restaurant, Carmine's on 91st & Broadway.  After a memorable meal, we had this wonderful ombre cake, on the roof deck of her hotel, NYLO Hotel.  The celebrating continued throughout the summer!

August 2014

Summer Nights in Coney Island are about as good as it gets!  The below photo was a birthday party of Big Ronnie's friend, on the roofdeck of Tom's (formerly Cha-Cha's).

Terri & Alice's Wedding in LA was the event of the year!  It was my first time as a Bridesmaid, and I was honored to be a part of their special day.  Actually, it was a 4 day long event, and everything came together wonderfully!  Congratulations again to the happy couple - Terri & Alice!

September 2014

Big Ronnie took a second shot at beard greatness at the Coney Island Beard Competition on September 6th.  He came, he presented, and we left early because everyone else gets obnoxiously drunk.  He didn't place, but third time is always a charm!

Big Ronnie's friend Jeff's Wedding was held in the Poconos, PA.  The family has a home on one of the many lakes, and the reception was at the recreation center.  It was beautiful, and the temperature was perfect!

The 3rd and final concert of 2014 did not disappoint.  Not only was it my 1st time at Barclays - but we were upgraded to box suites because of a promotional offer from Big Ronnie's phone company!  We would have been on the floor with the hundred's for his favorite band, The Black Keys, but instead we were in a private box suite!

October 2014

This Fall I was asked to write 2 posts requested by furniture companies.  The first was from Modani Modern Furniture, where I showed off my favorite way to break the rules;  mixing multiple patterns per room.

The second post was requested by  With a selection of rugs to chose from, I created a room that I would design to correspond.  With this post, I found a new tool that I hope to use for more posts in the future.  Polyvore is an easy-to-use web app that lets you create collages from almost any images you find on the web.  Check out what I've created so far, and follow along!

My other photographic muse has been my love, Big Ronnie.  I combine him with another beautiful inspiration for my collection, Big Ronnie & Street Art.

November 2014

The final celebration of the year, and what a celebration it was.  Baby Stella and I worked hard almost all year long on our Mom's 60th Surprise Birthday Party!

The Banksy Post came from the announcement of HBO's documentary.  I was there for 2 of the daily reveals last Fall, posted the pictures to friends, but never intended to do a StellaBella post about it.  But after seeing the influence it impacted on the city, and how much had been written about it after the fact, I thought it would be appropriate to write from my perspective.

December 2014

Remembering Rockefeller Center in photos...

... and some last minute tips for the Holiday Decore!

I learned that spending time with friends and family is more important than anything.  I am thankful for those who have been near and close this year.  I look forward to a bright new year with all of you! 

Happy New Year from the StellaBella Team!

La vita è bella,

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