Cigar Lover Valentine's Day: Spend Less, Love More!

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite Holiday for us here at StellaBella; we love celebrating LOVE.  But no matter how BIG we love this day, it doesn't have to be a BIG cost!

Last year, I put together a collection of Valentine's Day trinkets and playful games for Big Ronnie, that all cost less than $20.  Not only did I keep the cost low, but I spent nothing on the card or gift wrap.  It consisted of items around our house; yet I still had a theme, and kept it creative!  Let me explain...

A cute Valentine's Day cliché is being "a perfect match", and I ran with that idea for my sweetheart's card.  The cost of greeting cards has gone through the roof, and I admit when I've found a great card, I've spent up to $10 in the past.  But we can make our own hand-made card from time to time, and it means so much more!  

Not only is Big Ronnie a cigar aficionado, and we have matches & matchbooks laying around, but we also have an old gas stove.  I keep a stock next to it in the kitchen, and I grabbed a set that didn't look bent or beat up.  

I ripped out all of the matches, leaving 2 (a pair), intact.  Wrote my "perfect match" note, signed & dated with multiple hearts.  If there are any ads or store names on the front of the matchbook, you can cover it like I did, with my favorite tool: washi tape

Continuing with my "Cigar Lover" theme, I put all of the gift items into a cigar box! I could have decorated any recycled gift bag, but this appealed to my Valentine's favorite hobby.  Romeo Y Julieta cigars have the most Valentine's Day like colored boxes; luckily, it's lacquered red & white. But we have a lot of boxes to chose from, so any would have worked.

Cigar boxes always make a great gift box for that masculine man in your life, and not just for Valentine's Day!  Here is the list of my sweetheart ingredients for many fun Winter nights in February:
  • Valentine's Day candy
  • Chocolate & Strawberry body paint
  • Sexy dice
  • Partner games playing cards
  • Scratch off favor tickets
  • Lover coupons

I folded a polka-dotted sheet of paper into a tight accordion lengthwise, all the way to the end of the sheet.  Then I cut consistent multiple pieces as confetti, to fill up the remainder of the box.  This paper filler is best when the pattern is on both sides, but colored paper alone will do.  This simple filler is a fun gift wrap addition, and easily customizable.  Check out this same customized paper trick from my 2012 Oscar Project! You can also use old wrapping paper, brown paper bags or any scrap paper with your desired color scheme or pattern.

Also, hearts are also just about the easiest shape to cut out of scraps - you can make hearts of any size to add to your present!

I finished off this Valentine's Day present with red & white bakers string, and cut-out hearts from a paper bag, for the center of the bow.  I tucked the mini matchbook card into the string, and it was just the beginning of a very romantic (but low cost), Valentine's Day evening!

When love is built to last, we have to keep some of our celebrations cheap!  It doesn't mean our love is any less, or that we should skip a Holiday.  It's just a great reason to be more creative and keep life beautiful!

La vita è bella,

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