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In other Bikram Yoga Bay Ridge related news...

...As I continue my sweaty practice in Bikram's torture chamber; I am also enjoying learning the business of operating, cleaning, and promoting a yoga studio here in Brooklyn.  Not only did I get involved in the collaboration and launch of Farmigo in Bay Ridge, but I was asked to be the graphic designer for studio promotions!

I designed 2 posters for the studio recently, and they were hung around the Bay Ridge & Brooklyn Heights locations.

The first was a Valentine's Day promo - and everyone knows that is StellaBella's favorite Holiday!  I found a stock template, and gave the event a romantic movie poster vibe.  As a member, we encouraged you to bring your sweetheart in for a FREE class on Saturday, February 14th, to share & spread your Bikram love... Bring your honey, for NO money!

Big Ronnie & I participated in the event as well - he has been taking Bikram yoga with me since the beginning of the year, and I'm so happy he enjoys class too!  
Later in February, I was asked to come up with a poster for a March Madness competition.  The below advertised the month long refer-a-friend game.  The best way to bring in new members, is for the driving force to be our current members - who better to sell the benefits of class than the people who love it?

We encouraged members to bring in as many friends as possible for the month.  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes would be given to those with the most!  After the posters were sent to the printers, it was decided to increase 1st prize from 1 to 4 FREE months.  Good thing that was an easy fix with a black marker!

I had already convinced Big Ronnie to start in January, and brought 2 more friends in during February; so I  wasn't a participant in this drive, but I just love making these bright, fun posters!
I cut out green clover templates with "Luck O' De Irish" phrases on some, one Saturday afternoon.  I wanted to add a little St. Patrick's Day flair to the wall in our studio's lobby.  And just in case we have a tie at the end of it all - we are ready for a raffle!

As I begin my new position in Non-Profit Management this month, I hope that the balance I practice in class will help me balance out work and yoga play!  In the meantime, I will continue helping out my neighborhood studio, and spreading the yoga word.

Always remember to keep your head up StellaBella Readers, and enjoy the beautiful, every-changing life in front of you!

La vita è bella,

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